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  Rose8u  |  2

35- I'm sorry but sarcasm doesn't appear as well on the Internet as they do in real life, we couldn't see your facial expressions while you were saying that, people mint have thought of it differently,like now I still can't believe it's sarcasm

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

74 - Yes, it's usually to omit an unnecessary thought.

To detect sarcasm on the interwebz, look at how the comment is worded. Does it make sense to this FML? Does it seem highly unrealistic? If you answered no to the first question and yes to the second, it's probably sarcasm.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

There is no such thing as 'should/could/would of'. You're an idiot for even thinking there is. Just because it's not 'English class' doesn't mean you're exempt from typing properly. Learn to speak English before you type, please.

By  ciarafox9  |  9

u shud have waited till they come out and throw them right in their face! make sure u get the right person tho. it's A good joke I might try it one day :)

By  boygeorgebaby  |  0

that sucks op, people are such douches some times. you shouldve told a worker - maybe you wouldve gotten a discount on whatever you were buying! hope your eye gets better!