By metalwolf - United States
Today, driving home, I got bored and started debating how I know this is reality and not just a dream, even though dreams often seem real. The answer came quickly; in my dreams, I work normal hours and have time for things like hanging out with friends, and having a girlfriend. FML
metalwolf tells us more :
The problem isn't really organizing my time. Ideally I would like to get to sleep right when I get home and wake up in the early afternoon, but usually I fall asleep in the afternoon and wake up just a bit before I need to go to work again. Speaking of, I should be asleep right now.
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  TheMathMajor  |  26

Actually inception means beginning. As in: Their relationship has been rocky since its inception. The movie used the word to represent the beginning of an idea, but it's really just a fancy word for the start of something, an idea or otherwise.

  Hidur  |  10

My dreams usually consist of talking animals, running from headless people, or robots in my bed. Either I'm doing it wrong or OP is..

  KaanTech  |  0

in my dreams i fight agaist allien invaders
i see cities in ruins with few humans dont knowing what to do, shits like that.

I enjoy my dreams. I m trying to do lucid dreaming but it is hard to achieve

  The_Hitdude  |  12

Probably because vote on FMLs, and this one was obviously better than yours. I'm pretty sure having no time for friends or a girlfriend is worse than swallowing a fruit fly. Get the fuck over yourself.

By  perdix  |  29

Too bad your dream girlfriend is banging your dream friends while you're working at your dream job.

Now, shut your piehole and get back to making my new iPad, and be glad all that lying and deception is not going on in reality!