By Ivan - 02/03/2011 10:10

Today, at work I tried to help an old man by opening the door for him. He flipped me off because I was wearing a Kansas State University shirt. FML
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mintcar 9

Clearly he hates you and KSU.


when that old man dies cremate him so he can become dust in the wind.

Neylin 7

And may he fly in a one big sky.

so that he may take the stairway to heaven

HAHAHAHAHAHA IT'S STUPID HOW LONG I LAUGHED AT THIS. That is complete wit right there! Good for you!

Did you shut the door on him mid-walk-through? I would have. Old ungrateful bastard.

ZendayaForever 0

What? Old people can't have an opinion?

should have kicked him in the cubes. feelsbadman

munyarl 0

Hahaha kicked him in the cubes, I like it!!

So after he flipped you the bird you personally asked if it was because of the shirt you were wearing? Now I'm no genius but I would have drawn the assumption that he wanted to show that his manly, albeit shaky arms can still open doors.

But then the old man would've said something prior to the OP helping.

If there was a 'like' button I would press it. And I'm not talking about the comment ;)

or maybe it was the bright pink chaps?