By iannie - 31/07/2011 21:45 - United States

Today, I went to the beach. While I was swimming, I noticed a few really hot guys passing. Trying to be sexy, I slowly got out of the water, showing off my body. I showed a bit more than I expected when I realized my bikini bottom had fallen off. FML
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shybear15 0

And you couldn't feel it slip off??? 0_o

cmack11 0

Lucky guys


Very hit pix plz

shybear15 0

And you couldn't feel it slip off??? 0_o

NastyNinja31 0

U put on a show

You would figure that, but if it was too loose to begin with then I don't know.

MagicGiraffe 12

That's prolly exactly what the guys wanted so good job :D

What a fail, what a sexy, sexy fail.

pics or it didn't happen

I wish I was ther...

YDI for sporting a bush jungle.

CattyPurry 0

let's just all hope you got a bikini wax.. :P

As a guy, I'd much rather that your top would have come off, not your bottom.

NastyNinja31 0

54 is not much of a guy

wintamint101 7

bet that got their attention

jonan1212 5

did u have mr.krabs?

KiddNYC1O 20

54- Would "tits or gtfo" have killed ya?

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

wow we know that 54 is retarded to want boobs instead of vagina...under achiever >_>

Jvr91 8

or your a over achiever

LuLzUnDaTaBrDgE 0

104 you put AN in front of a word that starts with a vowel. Stupid people... Its all George Bush's fault for the dumb idiots who occupy America...

At 93 I think that makes him an over achiever :p

2ndSucks 15

The guys weren't actually getting vagina, they were only seeing it... So I'm guessing 54 means he would prefer SEEING boobs, as vag really isn't much to look at.

prince122 0

123-yours is so hairy!!!!

118- If you're going to be such a strict grammar Nazi, make sure your own comment is free of mistakes. Also, I'm pretty sure Bush didn't birth all American idiots. They were there before he was in office, and they're there now just like the idiots of other nationalities in their own respective countries. Idiots aren't localized in America. They are everywhere. They always have been, and they always will be.

of course not, op was in the zone for this one

Wow... I bet that was a head turner depending on how you look

You accomplished your goal.

Hey guess what! Fuck you

My_Name_Is_ 5

Now thats what i call being sexy. I know for sure you got their attention ;)

ReneeFlem_Flam 2

Of course because he was in charge of the birth rates or better yet the knowledge of America while he was in office…… oh wait no he wasn't so your comment was the one that made 0 sense. Get some common sense before you go around correcting others.

ReneeFlem_Flam 2

That was to 118 btw

As guys, we rate girls on their racks, not on how the poon is lookin'.

leezach 7

They most definitely do.

Haha poor dear, she was just practicing her stripping skills for later on in life.

How and why do you find the time to write over 500 comments #37?


supernerd352 7

I like boobs more than vag. And im a woman >.

supernerd352 7

118 "dumb idiots" is a double standard. You only had to say idiots. Moron

247, your second sentence is redundant. Moron...

Cunt stole. My picture!

slynoble32 11

78- wtf is that suppose to mean asshole. And yea our girls do shave

Reks360 2

dude chill common mistake that guy made o.o

198- Congratulations, you just restated exactly what I said because you failed to understand it the first time. Try getting things straight before you go calling me out. And 247- I didn't say dumb idiots. That was the person I replied to.

slinginmac14 0

This nigas talkin about racks while his girlfriend in the pic is rack-less

you must be exposed to the nasty pussies with roast beef curtains. i feel bad for you. i usually end up with primo 7+ pussies


what if you've never seen both, and wanted to compare??

androiddestroya 7

quit bitching. 198 called out 118 just like you did :P

androiddestroya 7

hey!! guess what! fuck you too :D

androiddestroya 7

godammit this was for 271

heyygirl14 2

sometimes you can't

karinaprism9 4

touche :)

that was @2ndsucks

oh my god. make sure to keep bathing suits really tight

audiofreak95 0

idk where you get your info but they do and thank god they do..

wikkedphuka 0

hell yea us texas girlz r hot!!

How do you know it was a bush...?

#130 your profile is the rev :(

elisolauren 0

haha lol

cmack11 0

Lucky guys

riceicle1 6

Or unlucky if she's fat and Fugly

Or the Jersey Shore :D

hethomas27 0

Amen to that!

CyonideCyns 0

Or Harold and Kumar escape guantanimo bay -bottomless parties-

16 would watch porn.. try and get some

I love how your supposedly smartass comment made you look like a total douche. I don't watch porn, sorry if that gives me more class. :l

ReneeFlem_Flam 2

Not to but in the conversation but yeah it's obvious from his profile picture lol.

MagicGiraffe 12

the NFC rule: No Fat/Fugly Chicks

itsgen 16

haha my thoughts exactly #15

omgcookeys 15

I think the "blitz" had just left. how I met your mother reference :)

94 - that would have been an awesome reference... If you didn't think it was so bad that you had to point it out yourself. Kudos for trying. Better luck next time :P

op should pretend it was on purpose and take her top off too...giggity giggity goo

well I bet you achieved your goal in trying to look sexy to them

Pics or it didn't happen!! ;P

idontcare8l 3

15 - awesome pic

Except if she was fat and fugly then why would she WANT to show off her body?

silversti 0


Today, my buddies and I went to a beach. It would've been a great day if it wasn't for the Lochness monster appearing out if no where showing us its cooch. FOL

Well they got more than they came for.

Reks360 2

she culd be arrested for public nudity no matter how sexy it was lol

Pic or it didn't happen

Well you probably got their attention.

She's too sexy for her bikini bottom

I'm too sexy for this post.

flockz 19

I'm to sexy for my- (phone explodes)

LittleMonsterSam 5

flockz comments never fail

LittleMonsterSam 5

flockz comments never fail

hoodasswhitekid 0

yours do

*shakes fist in air* stupid double posts. Or is that IPods...

LittleMonsterSam 5


I'm too sexy for my -(girlfriend explodes)

welandedonthemoo 5


lucky for them I guess

EffinToofer 3

Dirty bit!

Well I guess you did what you were going for...

Crncj 0

if op shaves then they are lucky

Well, it could have been worse.

dAiSyLuRv1029 0

Lol wow I would have made sure they didn't first:P jk maybe yu need tighter bikini bottoms or sumim

dAiSyLuRv1029 0


you might want to correct your face first.. and then worry about correcting your grammar

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

LOL Jake xD

79, don't correct her grammar! According to her profile, it makes her very 'made'.

prince122 0


dAiSyLuRv1029 0

Lol you guys are funny!!! (not sarcastic) That you for complimenting my face and also I can make whatever face I want! So maybe you guys should stop acting like a baby just because my comments made you mad

oldpplburnin 0

you got a mustache:#) < like that

oldpplburnin 0

you look like Sid the sloth

dAiSyLuRv1029 0

Yup;) and I'm proud!

dAiSyLuRv1029 0

Why does everybody always have something to say? Okay back off you obviously have nothing ebetter to d so shutup;)

12em12 1

Maybe people are on FML because they're bored. Also, seems like you have nothing better to do either.

dAiSyLuRv1029 0

Lol I meant hating on my face :P

12em12 1

You will never learn to shut your mouth.

Maybe she recently lost a lot of weight

...Nice profile pic...

hahaha that was so funny

why r all of yu such assholes? leave her alone like come on really? who the fuck does that yall r just insecure yurselves so yu make a point of picking on others it's honestly sad nd I'd like To point out none of y'all have yalls pic on there do yu no so y'all can go fuck yurselves nd pick on someone else

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Daisyluvr1029 may have made some annoying grammar mistakes, but that doesn't give you the right to insult her appearance. Being made fun of like that can really affect someone, especially a teenage girl.

-215, ur name is right

dAiSyLuRv1029 0

Thank you and I didn't even mean to upset them I always get picked on by my appearance but i don't care anymore that was because if autocorrect and thank you everyone who didn't say anything mean this all could count as cyberbully I'm perfect and unique and beautiful in every way!

mintcar 9

79, you're a jackass. That was a low blow. Insulting the appearance of a fucking 12 year old.

215 good job on the choice of user name...but people would appreciate it if you didn't make it true

-220 damn right born nd raised to be a bitch when others r bitches to people 1st;)

sorry if I get crud nd rude but I can't stand for people to pick on other people it's makes me pretty pissed obviously so yea

judging by your attitude, lack of

dAiSyLuRv1029 0

What does it mean when it says "comment moderated"??

It means the people picking a fight with you were idiots and are now gone.

mintcar 9

It means they're a douche.