By birdiebeth13 - United States - Chippewa Falls
Today, after my shift at the hospital ended, I happened to look into a full-length mirror. My new scrubs turned out to be see-through. Instead of my undies, everyone got a good look at my cellulite-ridden ass. Fan-fucking-tastic day to wear a thong. FML
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By  boredguyyy  |  10

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  thosedogtags  |  8

Actually, sometimes cellulite is hereditary. It kind of just depends on the person! Also, I have seen some really fit people with a few cellulite dimples here and there!

  doodlecloud  |  26

I takes like 3 seconds to look in a mirror before you dash out of the door...might not always have the time to do something about it but definitely always have time to check.

By  imyy  |  20

You can wear whatever you want, but learn to deal with the comments if you wear a thong and see through pants. Especially with lots of cellulite.