By anona - 08/07/2014 16:29 - Denmark - Copenhagen

Today, I complained to the train company online. I filled in information and added several photos as evidence. I only realised later that the photos I attached were nudes. FML
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Well at least they will probably contact you back as soon as possible?


Well at least they will probably contact you back as soon as possible?

With photos like those?Yeah I dont think they'll miss them...

OP will get the best customer service imaginable after that

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Brace yourself... The dick pics are coming...

But how does that even happen? I'm sorry OP, you deserve this one. Next time make sure to double check!

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Yeah, what's with all of the "I meant to sent this picture but I accidentally sent nude" FMLs? Seriously, how hard is it?

If a guy is the one to open that Email I would expect it would be hard pretty soon :P

How hard is it to click on the right picture? How do you not know?

Hm. My theory is that you're an exhibitionist and did it on purpose, and you've posted on fml to also get a reaction. Just an opinion, though.

Well I bet the railroad wasn't complaining

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And that's exactly why it pays to double check...

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At least this way, you know your complaint is being looked over.

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They're gonna need more photos for further, uh, investigation....

Did you even check? It seems something like that, a complaint to a company should at least be read over

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Most likely the photo files were something like DSC12523A8.jpg or something random, and were mixed in with other photos. Although I agree with you that she should have checked, I can see how the mistake might have happened.

Even without checking, doesn't the thumbnail normally come up when you're selecting pictures to upload? Also, I know I'm a stickler for organisation...but surely even people who aren't as fussed at least put their nudes in a separate folder? To stop stuff like this happening and so they're not right there if you want to show people other pictures? I really can't see a way this couldn't be a YDI...

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Agreed. It's an absolute YDI. I was just saying that I can see how this might happen. Also, I think in windows you can turn off thumbnails, or perhaps the icons were so small that she couldn't distinguish.

I was actually replying to 8, we commented at the same time (in case you thought I was arguing against you)! XD But you're right, sometimes photo folders do automatically display file names...bugs the crap outta me so I always set them to display as medium/large thumbnails as default but maybe OP isn't that fussy..

op, admit it, those were never evidence, you sent bribes!