By Danielle - 22/08/2011 07:38 - United States

Today, I was upset after a fight with my husband, so I cried alone in the bedroom. My 4-year-old son then comes in and hugs me. I thought he was trying to comfort me, but he then told me he had to go get his quarter my husband had promised to pay him if he made me shut up. FML
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Good Idea! You should've given him a dollar to do something to return the favor though!


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congratulations op, you have married a ****.

Agreed, how disrespectful. How will the husband feel when the 4 year old grows up thinking he can do hurtful things to people for a bit of cash? That was really childish of the husband to get his son involved like that. I wouldn't blame your son though, OP. It's a high chance that he did not know what was going on and how hurtful it was.

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this FML is so unbelievably wrong. he should have charged your husband 75 cents!

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Why do all the girls chase after the guys with chlamydia...

pay him 2 quarters to go punch him in the balls

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Yeah, because having your 4 year old assault your husband is such a great idea.

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I agree with 55! Also, OP you should rethink this marriage of yours. Your husband sounds like an emotional terrorist. :( You should seriously talk to him about treating you better! No one deserves to be treated like that by someone they love.

OP, you both should read The Seven Principles of Successful Marriages (I don't have the book on me so I may have the title slightly incorrect). It will help your relationship.

OMG.... he is so wrng fir dat but really.... dud he get his money worth

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That kid will be a great business man when he grows up, if I was him I'd make u pay me to leave and have the husband pay me to go bak, in the end I'd have an easy $50 ;)

Good Idea! You should've given him a dollar to do something to return the favor though!

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Like punch him in the jewels >:D revenge is sweet.

if he would punch him in the "jewels" it could affect having any other kids though

why would she want other kids with this asshole?

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That runescape joke failed for 2 reasons: 1) The 4 year old did not pickpocket anything. The father GAVE him the quarter 2) Even if he did pickpocket the quarter, how would ONE quarter master his pickpocketing skill? Noob

So true. You'd have to pickpocket like a killer whale from some dude to get to level 99.

Happyhak, So you're saying it's impossible to get 99 from one pickpocket? The son could have been on lvl 98 and needed only 1 more pickpocket. By that logic you couldn't reach lvl 99 from pickpocketing anything. Personally I'd reach 99 on a farmer or something. And I'd reach 99 cooking on a shrimp! Just saying. It said the son had to go get his quarter, and doesn't say the father gave it to him.

Lol this joke failed for a whole slew of reasons but the big one was your willingness to defend said joke.

While the original joke didn't quite work out (perhaps marinus misread the FML at first -- and we all know how often that happens around here), what's wrong with rebutting the other guy's response when it contained a bit of illogic? I always enjoy seeing a bit of back-and-forth dialogue on here.

Right, marinus, so basically what you're saying is this 4 year old, who probably does not fully understand the value of money, is a master pickpocket. Yep, he must of done a lot of pickpocketing in his 4 years of learning the basics of life. I bet he started pickpocketing his fellow babies in a daycare of their toy keys while being unable to walk. OP should be lucky to have a criminal at such a young age...

You must HAVE not learned English very well to think that "must of" makes any sense at all! The word you're looking for is actually a contraction correctly spelled it's: "must've"! For instance "You must've failed English classes in Elementary School."

The husband probably reached 99 asshole, must've been the trimmed version too...

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nice husband you got there....

Give him a dollar to kick his daddy in the ankles :P just kidding, but seriously FYL.

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Or better still, give him $5 to kick him in the nuts. lol

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh thats cute!!! But the the little ****** to charge more

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The the reason I'm here is is because you are are making grammar mistakes. STOP!!!

It kinda sucks when children become the middle person. He's too young to understand why his mummy is crying. Your husband taught him how to take advantage of the situation. How sad :(

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Right?! Plus fighting in front of your kids...tacky IMO. Poor kid

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5 dollars, punch Daddy in the nads. Go on, sweetie.