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Today, at a debate tournament based on domestic abuse, my partner yells out, "Has anyone considered that maybe the women DESERVED to be beaten?" FML
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I already know I'm going to hate 95% of the comments on this one.


denbeste 3

BRB getting a wife-beater t-shirt!

"when she's not makin me a sammich or pleasin me she gonna get a beaten."

u know I am so ******* over the sandwich thing u all sexist pricks u know I am a male and I actually make sandwitches for a living ATM so shut the **** up u sexist ******* pigs

BenCakes 0

Maybe she didn't listen!? But no really did you win? That would be difficult to retort to.

I am a baker and part of my job is to make the sandwichs ever morning and I also make bagguets and pidas and yes I am a guy and I am happy to admit I am not a sexist pig so let me ask u wat Your job then vladzlad?

FatMooseEars 0

dude shut up gtfo suck my dock queer boy

I'm a girl and ive literally NEVER made a sandwich in my life.

you'd better be real damn good in bed then, because otherwise you have no value.

it's a joke. lighten up people are just saying it to be funny. very few people actually think that way

Well I am a woman, so can I have a sammich? Then it's not sexist, since Im a woman, you make them, and I eat them. It's a win-win for us. Go get me a sammich!!!! please....

nothing wrong with making sandwiches all day.. girl or guy..

I'd make my boy make me grilled cheese sandwich, since I'll prob burn them anyway.. if he makes one he gets one too.. we both win.

To #171 no can't, until you do truffle shuffle.

Sorry, I meant to say "no you can't" damn iPod!

time for you to give her some of that good good anal while she's peein;)

To the baker weirdo: You're not a baker. If you were, you would at least know how to spell most of the goods that you bake.

lmaoo @ 142 WiN!! And @ 171 BEWARE if anyone offers u a cockmeat sammich dnt take it!!! or better yet TAKE IT ALL just dont bite it or chew it

MarineOrdy 0

Your a little bitch lol habaha

madmonkeykilla 0

oh mycfuck man fine she can make me a burger god, lol

madmonkeykilla 0

jeez baker it don't gotta be a sammich we just prefer them

strongly agree with the beating, sammiches, and the domination of women

I don't think anyone deserves to be beaten

Drew_V 0

hahaha whoever said truffle shuffle is awesome lol

ElegantSadist 0
Cricketiscool 0

Did you win the debate? Because if you did, who cares what he said. You won!

this is probably the most funniest fml argument ive ever read. lol keep it up.

theres a first time for everything now get in the kitchen

Sammich/kitchen jokes are getting REALLY old. They were funny once, bit that time has passed. Stop making them for awhile, wait until everyone has forgotten about them. Then they will be funny again.

Jayodi 0

How the hell do you manage to become a baker without knowing how to spell "Sandwiches" "baguette" and "pita"? I mean, really. Wouldn't you see it almost daily?I mean, ESPECIALLY pita. That one's just easy.

jessi_ld 2

god I hate it when ppl do that at debate tournaments but I personally stick to prose and HI lol

well actually pida is not spelt how u think it is (pita) it is spelt pida and I can spell sandwitch

ahaha awesome. He's so right. I'm wondering though, what you're doing posting stuff on fml when you should be in the kitchen making him a sandwich o_o

pita is actually spelled p-i-t-a if you try looking it up in the dictionary

demomanX 0

Alex you sound like Jessie on saved by the bell, except you are making sense.

I don't think a girl should be beaten, maybe restrained but not beaten. question of debate: what if she comes at you with a knife or other weapon????

oops my bad "another weapon" not "other weapon"

redshortsx 0

I only think this about Rihanna

ok I made an account just to fkin tell u that u are a fkin bratt!!!! and my friend says "u r an idiot bioatch!!!"

**** you vlad. Maybe I should beat the **** out of you and steel your ******* purse you saggy titted ****. I'm a guy, and i'm not sexist you sonofabitch.

Hulking_out 0

#227 Only snookie deserves to be beaten.

Soooo...pull out your tampon, put in a fresh one and get back to work you overly sensative asswipe.

lmao!! aM rolling over laughing at this!

just to let you know I'm a girl and I think the sammich jokes are funny. but since you are a sammich maker you make me one my hands are tired. hahahaha

******!!!! that is sexist! so shut up. that is not fair

HeavyMetalHottie 0

well... im a young woman. not a defenseless one. two years ago a man by the pier tried to beat and rape me. muthafucka smelled like cigarette butts and jalapeno dip. he didnt get jack shit. i kicked his ******* teeth in. ladies... its time to rise against the monster that is domestic abuse. dont be anybody's punching bag. the only advise i can offer is to go for the eyes and the nuts.

stiveg 0

You are retarded, it isn't sexist, it's a joke. Get that dick out of your ass.

murphman3000 0

calm down u over achevier it's just a joke

200: asains aren't worth a sandwich in bed. bitch..

#167 shut yo ***** mouth when Billy maze is talking. I am a boy you sexist mother******* @$$ hole. son of a **** Fu** ing sexist **** SUCKER

he's right now i would never beat a girl but some do ask for it....

ee 141# I am french and you don't spell Bagguets like that you spell it like that: Baguette...I am just saying ! Sorry if we are not talking about the same baguette !!

slimshadyy_fml 0

286- then it's fine to hit her because tht would be self defense. it's wen someone randomly hits someone else that it's domestic violence

167- yur a stupid bitch. dont sayy that we have no use if we cant make a sandwhich. yur dumbb afff ! womenn are actually better than men in a lot of things soo shut thee **** up

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that sammich line is so overused, and is getting so old.

FYLDeep 25

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FYLDeep 25

They didn't see the irony of using an even older and more overused line to make a point.

FYLDeep 25

Way too break up the awkwardness snick. Now, back to being assholes.

FYLDeep 25

#137 You must really take being an asshole seriously.

demonsoldier31 0

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looks like your face allready beat him to it.

look at all the comments on the first post! wow

Tbh the my mom died jokes getting old. Back to being a dick.

Still LMAO @ the ginger comment. It's sooo true

I use your mom jokes even if idk their mom is living. idc. if people take offense to someone saying your mom on the Internet then they need to stay off of it because they aren't getting sympathy.

Ooh u better be on the lookout with ur actions!!

on fAce book there needs to be a slap button to slap the sexist ass

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sorcerersinger 0

well, I think he meant the partner on HIS team. it wouldn't be on FML if it was his opponent who said that. now you counter that.

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janise 2

If you can't argue they didn't deserve it then you certainly can't say they did deserve it. Therefore, his partner's argument was invalid and borderline moronic. Hence the FML.

956TXking 0

If you agree say I ............... I do

RuukasuNinja 0

well, we can't say she deserves a beating unless we know wether or not she was in the kitchen where she was supposed to be

I already know I'm going to hate 95% of the comments on this one.

canyouwangchung 0
Aussieprincess 7

Are you saying that women deserve to be beaten? WTF is wrong with you?

zac12345 0

beat the crap out of those dang australlians, especially the ones who act like princesses

aznpersuasion863 0

aha #23 and # 14 chill its just a joke

Aussieprincess 7

#35, it's not a joking matter. Have you ever been beaten? Then shut the **** up.

#333, what is wrong with you? Who gets to decide about if someone deserves to be beaten? In abusive partners' minds, the wives probably do. When would you justify hitting someone?

ur sitting there telling me noone will ever do anything to deserve to get hit? we're all angels with no malice? it WAS eve who ate the apple...

That's just a stupid story invented by men (as in, males) meant to keep women in the past subordinate.

thepurpleorange 0

No one deserves to be beaten, man or woman. Maybe people should just walk away. If you’re in a relationship that’s getting violent or you’re being violent you’re not in an okay relationship.

MsNeverSingle 0