By Anonymous - Lithuania - Vilnius
Today, I poured my heart out to my now ex-girlfriend over the recent passing away of my grandmother. Her eyes glazed over multiple times, and when I said that I don't know how to cope with everything, her advice was simply, "Shotgun. Mouth. Blam." FML
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#11 so you're saying that if he had put a shotgun in his mouth and killed himself, he wouldn't have the brains to dump his ex-girlfriend? Wow well thank you Captain Obvious. I had no idea..

  Nordrag  |  26

I'm pretty well known amongst my friends for being the dick of the group, but even I wouldn't make a comment like that. That's like a whole higher level of insensitivity.

  dalink  |  24

Horse tranquilizer, Saran Wrap, industrial grade plastic sheets, cold metal table, many sharp instruments, a bone saw, a microscope slide, rubber boots and apron, garbage bags, a boat, and a copy of season 1 of Dexter. Blam! Problem solved.

By  badgirl00069  |  19

op I wouldn't listen to someone who is clearly off her rocker .. keep ur head up life us hard people we love die its a part of life remember the good times and let her rest. she's the lucky one u know the one who doesn't have to suffer feel no pain or heart ache any more take it one day at a time and just keep on keeping on cause I'm sure that's what ur grandmother would want

By  SMHsohard  |  22

Shameful how some people are so self centered that they can't relate on a basic emotional level. Sorry for the loss of your grandmother, glad you were able to cut the inconsiderate wench loose. You deserve better.

  Rababco  |  29

1. I'm pretty sure there'd be other signs if she had Aspergers/Autism
2. Even Sheldon Cooper and Sherlock Holmes have more tact than that
3. There's a big difference between being a bit insensitive or inconsiderate and what OP's girlfriend said/did
4. People with Aspergers actually are often more intelligent than most people so using the term retarded is kind of ironic