By gonesofast - United States - Quincy
Today, as I was about to leave home for my first sweet taste of freedom at my new apartment, my car died. I'm stuck here for at least the weekend and can look forward to my mom driving me to work. Freedom. FML
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  Mauskau  |  35

I used to have to rely on my family to get me to work, when I said I finished at 9 on a Friday night someone would come after half an hour. When j finished on Sunday at 7pm they'd come at 8. I'd walk the hour home but my shoes were so uncomfortable I couldn't bear to stand anymore. I'm just glad I can drive now, and we have a spare car for when one of our cars breaks, but not everyone has that luxury.

  abzone  |  1

Why should winter be a problem? I live in Finland and I bike to work every day, winter or summer. You just have to prepare better amd have winter tyres for the bike.

  rizzkiyoshi  |  19

I don't know about in Finland 24 but here in Alaska, sometimes the roads don't get cleared of snow and ice until later in the day and the sidewalks rarely do. it's not safe to bike to work in the winter. and who wants to at -20 anyway?