By texasrose921 - 19/02/2016 04:51 - United States - Springfield

Today, as a student reporter for our college newspaper, I interviewed the president of my university. I was surprised to get an interview with him, and because of my nerves, as soon as I walked into his office I tripped over my own feet and fell face first into the ground. FML
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Is that you Ms Steele?

So you are now in a BDSM relationship with him?


Is that you Ms Steele?

That's the first thing I thought of too when I read it! Lol

I thought the same thing

That's what I thought too. lmao

trellz17 19

You beat me to it!

Your username makes this comment so much better than it already was.

That's a lot of people admitting to having read the (first) book. I'm among them.

no shame in admitting that was my first thought too! I love the series

Just use it as a way to break the ice, and consider it a laughing point to relax yourself.

floup_fml 13

Hopefully he found it funny and the interview continued without any problems. Be cool next time

as long as you still got the interview right?

that must suck. hope your face is okay!

The OP's face had to bedridden, and they visit it daily in the hospital.

Well that was quite an entrance

The21Fates 4

Sounds very... 50 shades of grey like.. Ana is that you?

that was my exact thought as I was reading the post

I bet that he was just as surprised as you were.

I wouldn't worry too much about it. Mistakes happen and at least you didn't do something like hit your head on his desk or anything.