By Afroman720 - 26/08/2015 16:14 - United States - Salt Lake City

Today, I planned on telling the girl I like that I have feelings for her. What I didn't plan on was having a panic attack and whispering "I really like you!" super creepily and immediately saying "bye" and running away in shame. FML
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Afroman720 tells us more.

So I asked her if I could have a redo because I was wayyyyyyyyy too nervous, and so I was able to tell her I like her without the running away and such this time! No update on how she feels about me though...I didn't wait for a response cause I had to leave work in a hurry to make it to school on time haha. One step at a time right?

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That's actually pretty adorable. I don't think I could resist that.

At least you made an impression she won't forget.


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Hope you two can laugh about it later. Sorry OP. Mental illness is not easy to cop with. FYL

A follow up will be required - especially if went well. Hope she sees the adorable side of this and follows you up.

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You don't have to be mentally ill to have a panic attack.

is there anything in Utah thats not creepy?? I want to say everyone there has to have some sort of mental illness, but thats not fair - to people with mental illnesses HA!

You should try the George Strait method check yes or no

That's actually pretty adorable. I don't think I could resist that.

The OP must be pretty young. Hitting on women is pretty easy when you get older. Watch. Hey, mineller, how you doin? *Joey Tribiani smile*

My smile is pretty easy to resist. It's less Joey and more Joker, and not even the good jokers like Heath Ledger or Mark Hamill. It's like a Joker frome a cheap made fan film on YouTube which has 12 views from the guys who made it.

If someone was so into me that they had a panic attack while trying to confess their love for me, I'd definitely at least give them a chance :-)

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Hey, you had a go OP! That's what counts :)

At least you made an impression she won't forget.

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Don't be an ass. It's nothing to make fun of

Again, isn't this website/app designed to make fun of things and get a good laugh?

I've choked so many times too OP it's an awful feeling :( but there may come a time where you don't choke with someone (or don't choke as much :P) and that may be the one I guess c:

You could just act normally when you next see her and pretend nothing happened. If she brings it up you could say 'sorry I was super nervous but yeah I like you a lot, you're great'. and if she says yes then great, if no, then say 'that's fine, we can be friends' and act like it isn't a big deal :)

Or just say it was your evil twin and you have no idea what she's talking about.

I think that is pretty cute! Sorry that you had a panic attack. Those are terrible. :/