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Today, my husband decided he would rather be with his mistress than with me while I gave birth to our first child. FML
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MissyPants tells us more.

I am the op of this FML and I hope it shows that but let me explain this a little further. My soon to be ex husband has been cheating on me for the last few months of my pregnancy. I noticed the changes in him but I hoped it was just nerves over the baby. I actually caught him about three weeks before I went into labor and threw him out. I had planned on letting him be there when I gave birth to our baby girl but he didn't answer my calls. My mother was with me so I wasn't alone but I really thought he would want to see the birth of his first child. I have filed for divorce and have no problem being a single parent. He makes me physically ill at the moment but I have tried to be civil for our babies sake. I want him to be in her life because she deserves a dad but I can't force him to be one. I'm thrilled to be a mom no matter the circumstances and me and my daughter will be ok no matter what. Thank you all for the funny, sweet, and even mean comments; they make my day a little better.

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Take every penny that bastard has. Be relentless and brutal. Hire a good attorney, win some alimony, and leave him in the rear view mirror.

dancer824 18

Confused as to why this doesn't say 'about to be ex husband'


I'll see you on Jerry Springer.

Is that show still on the air?

RenoTheRhino 30


I actually love that show and I'd love to hit either one of them with a chair.

dancer824 18

Confused as to why this doesn't say 'about to be ex husband'

Usually people are too quick to jump to "ex" on FML, but in this case I wholeheartedly agree with you.

There are cases where the wife knows about and consents to the husband having a mistress, and sometimes it works for them. Idk about this scenario.

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#29, if that's the case then she def deserves it

RedPillSucks 31

some people try to work their marriage out rather than going directly to divorce proceedings. And divorce can be costly

nitemastr15 17

#35, if she consents, it doesn't neccisarily means she deserves it. it's their first child. He should be there no matter what.

Because there's a word count on these

Take every penny that bastard has. Be relentless and brutal. Hire a good attorney, win some alimony, and leave him in the rear view mirror.

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tantanpanda 26

^uh, exactly, that's the point. If I were in OP's shoes, I'd be really pissed off and I'd want a little more than just my stuff back. I'd want him to suffer. Maybe I'm just a selfish person, but I don't think most people would just want "only their things back" after giving birth to a child and now having to care for it. Tell me, would you not be a tad vindictive after someone screws you over this hard?

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tantanpanda 26

^What part of this being an fml do you not understand? If OP gave consent, THIS WOULD NOT BE AN FML. Plain and simple. The trust factor is already gone with him having a mistress. Now add the fact that he preferred to be with the mistress instead of his wife giving birth. Emotionally screwed? I think yes. Who's to say OP doesn't make a lot of money either? Assuming the man is the one that only rakes in the cash smh.

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even with everything split, how do you split care of a child? she is the one who gets the sleepless nights, full time job as mom, etc, while he gets to enjoy dates, long nights out with his mistress, and restfull sleeps. darn straight gonna take him for more then half.

Rectov 10

Women do that whether or not he has a mistress so yeah

Trust me I never consented to another woman in our relationship and if he had said he wanted someone else we would have divorced much sooner. As for taking him to the cleaners, it's not going to happen. Yes I'm angry and hurt but I also want out of this marriage as quickly and cleanly as possible. I do daydream a bit about him getting hit by a bus or contracting some horrible new STD but that's all I do. There's a child involved so I have to be an adult and think about what's best for her.

Unfortunatly with there being a child involved there will not be a "Quick and clean" about the divorce. Here's hoping everything works out for you though.

rieebee 23

so i hear California has some favorable divorce laws...

Divorce laws in general favor the wife, but you're right. OP could be awarded alimony for life and child support.

FusionPlacebo 26

I really want to know how you figured out about this woman being with him. So sorry, OP. You deserve so much better.

That dad doesn't even deserve to see your kid on the weekends...

I agree. He's a pretty terrible husband but he does love his child and she deserves a dad like that.

magpie2369 9

my ex was a piece of shit but a great father so I don't keep him away.

I don't know your husband. However, I feel that if someone truly loved and was excited about their child, they would want to be there for their birth.

Yeah #52, I can't see how someone that puts a mistress above his child's birth can be a good father. OP, this deserves a better follow up.

how does this translate to the kids? vindictive loses like you are why there are so many damaged kids. using a child as a weapon. smooth.

aria78 19

I don't understand if he's such a great dad why he wouldn't show up for the birth.

I agree with #52, #59, #77. He didn't make a great effort to see your kid being born which I'm guessing is a pretty HUGE deal!

I think you mean ex-husband. He sounds like a major tool. And congrats on the baby!!

empty bank acct and drop his crap on the curb

Divorce him its not right for your child to grow up with that father