By wondermoose - 09/08/2016 06:54

Today, my boyfriend was truly upset because I refused to pee on him. FML
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Hello, OP here. My boyfriend and I are very open and communicate about what we want to try and what we don't want to try. We've been together three years and pretty much will try anything as long as we are both comfortable. We were in the shower during this conversation and it started as a joke for me to pee on him and I told him I didn't want to but I think he was offended because he thought I was feeling self conscious in front of him so he felt like he wasn't doing his 'boyfriend duty' by making me feel okay with that... I know sounds strange. But we're over it and he actually doesn't want me to pee on him at all. Go figure. Thanks for the jokes and advice to you all!

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How upset was he? Did the waterworks start—not… you know what I mean!


Is rather be pissed off than pissed on

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I didn't see where it said she dumped him...

OP didn't but a few of the comments have suggested she should

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While I don't necessarily disagree in this case, this comment is SO overused.

If you do it in the shower, then it's not so bad. It just goes straight down the drain. No mess and barely any smell. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything.

How upset was he? Did the waterworks start—not… you know what I mean!

There are some small kinks that spice things up and people should at least give a try before judging.... this is not one of those. Your boyfriend needs to understand that most people have a zero tolerance policy for mixing biological waste and sex, and you shouldn't have to force yourself to do something you don't want to.

That moment when you're judging before giving it a try. And sticking your various appendages in places where urine and maybe fecal matter come out is so much better.

I think you and a lot of people are missing the point that it's not about shaming the boyfriend for having a kink, just about asking him to respect her boundaries. Shaming someone for having boundaries is just as bad as shaming someone for their kink. And FYI urine does not come from the vaginal canal in which intercourse takes place, also a full erection prevents urination on the men's side. And even people who enjoy anal often douche before hand. So no, sex and urine/feces do not have to go together if you are not comfortable with it. You can't force someone into liking it.

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Respectfully, you are wrong about a full erection preventing urination. That is a very common myth.