By Teacher - 16/12/2015 09:10 - New Zealand - Rotorua

Today, I went for a soak in a mineral hot pool to relax after a stressful day teaching middle school. There were 120 middle schoolers there on a school trip. FML
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Soaking in irony, and probably a lot of sweat and hormones too.

Oh the irony


Oh the irony

You may leave work, but work will never leave you!

Mineral. Irony. Iron. I get it.

No rest for the weary

Well, the best relaxation is at home! Buy some bath salts, maybe some bubble bath, and indulge yourself in se chocolate, OP.

Well done.

I hear those bath salts are great for relaxation if you indulge in those as well..

@#39: if they aren't from the US they may not realize that bath salts are a designer drug that makes you trip balls...

@40 Apparently nobody else got the joke either aha

Hahah, the irony is strong in this one

It just wasn't your day OP

Strong with this one is irony -yoda

Soaking in irony, and probably a lot of sweat and hormones too.

Don't forget the Pee!!

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Please shut up

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I second #19. Politely sthu

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If I'm stuck in traffic for a hour, I think I have the right to complain. Or if I'm eating and someone is chewing with their mouth open by me.They have the right to be there, but that doesn't mean it doesn't frustrate or get on another person's nerves. And that person can voice their frustrations if they want to.

You can't expect the whole world to move out of the way for you. Just relax and deal with things. No point in being frustrated. There's no point. Stick in traffic? Put on some music and relax. Somebody eating with their mouth open? Move somewhere else.

oh my god, 10, op is complaining over the irony that the thing he went there to decompress from is also present at his place of relaxation. he's not saying the kids don't have a right to be there, he's commenting on how shitty the situation is.

Nobody thinks that you are funny or cute. So shut up

Where does it say op wanted them to even move? She is just frustrated and voicing it, because it really does suck. It doesn't meN she wants anything to come from it, she just wants to voice her frustrations because it typically helps. I really hope you NEVER complain or get frustrated or angry with the way you talk.

If you're complaining, you obviously want them gone. Stop being so self righteous people. Nobody is impressed.

Where is this middle school that takes field trips to a mineral pool. We never went anywhere cool

Ah New Zealand. I guess when you live in middle earth that's what you do, going to learn about the magical healing properties of mineral pools on their way to wizard college