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Today, I let my 5 year-old niece walk my 3 month-old husky puppy while I watched. I didn't realize how strong my puppy actually is until she took off running while dragging my niece with her. My niece now has two busted up knees and chin and her mother is now calling my puppy "demon puppy." FML
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Hey you guys, the OP here! I just wanted to clear some things up. My puppy is very sweet. She has never pulled anyone else while on the leash. She's actually one of the most timid dogs I've ever owned and yes, I have owned dogs before and I know the breed. But because she is a puppy anomaly and doesn't pull, I thought it would be ok for my niece to walk her as I walked next to them. Also, this took place in my fenced off back yard. I do however have a stone terrace, which is where my niece got pulled over on. I know that my niece getting hurt is probably my fault and I've now learned that my puppy goes crazy when there are squirrels in sight. I've apologized to my sister-in-law. My niece is fine, she was back up and playing within minutes, but her mother wont let her near my puppy and I got a talking to. So, hope that clears some things up for you guys.

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I clicked both "I agree, your life is f***ed" and "you deserved that one". While you didn't know its strength, you should *not* have let your niece handle it.

Stupid that she's not allowed near the puppy anymore. The puppy didn't mean any harm, your niece probably barely even cared about getting hurt, and her mom is just feeding a possible fear for puppies and/or dogs.


demon puppy is cuter than little kids.

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Oh em gee. not demon puppy. Oh no! ...

haha you got owned by a dog anda 5 year old FYL xP

ur niece should have been in the kitchen

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Ugh I hate animals! Especially dogs...poor kid :(

Nah! Puppies are never to blame! and @3... Ur probably just cruel to animals and so they hate you, and thats why you hate them. Dogs are loyal, usually more loyal than humans are, so geez get a life and stop abusing helpless animals

How can you hate animals??? <3 Demon Puppy ^~^

Ugh I hate kids! Especially 5-year-olds... poor dog :(

134:WIN!!! 3 : you do realise that humans...are animals

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way to berate 3 for no reason. some people, believe it or not, don't like animals. sounds like you know from experience that abused animals don't like that person. relax, get the stick out of our ass, (and play fetch) and quit going on an "ohmygod I love animals so I'm so much better than you so I'm going to rage at you" rant at someone you don't know because they stated their opinion and for heaven's sake, it's different than yours. it makes you look like an arrogant, uptight, close minded, petty, sorry excuse for a decent human being.

sacrifice the puppy to the Gods above us, on the altar of Forgotten Dreams, where childhood memories go to die.

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I clicked both "I agree, your life is f***ed" and "you deserved that one". While you didn't know its strength, you should *not* have let your niece handle it.

No 5 year old can handle a large breed puppy!! Maybe under 8 weeks but really 5 year olds do not know what to do with them if they run, mostly they run after them causing them to fall and get dragged, sorry OP but this is on you for being an idiot

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I said FYL because it was a just a puppy, but next time, YDI for not realizing that a dog bred for pulling a sled across Canada would be able to pull around a 40-pound child. Oh, and the kid's mother is a bitch. The child learned a valuable lesson about puppy strength and wasn't seriously injured.

That's what you get for letting a child handle an animal...