By Anonymous - 31/03/2009 18:45 - United States

Today, while walking to class enjoying the warmer weather, a bee flew down my shirt. I'm allergic to bees so I freaked out and started ripping my clothes off. By the time I was done, I was half naked and there was no bee in sight. Turns out, it was the string on my jacket hood. FML
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did you look good half naked? if you did, who cares!

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YDI for being stupid enough to think the string on your jacket was a bee. that takes a special kind of stupid.

if their highly allergic, then I can understand. I freak out about bugs all the time. And ur stupid for replying 2 first comment just 2 b on top.

How is 139 stupid all they did was reply to the person who replied to one, the person who replied to one is the stupid person.

you're stupid because you don't know the difference between 'their' and 'they're'

did you look good half naked? if you did, who cares!

Op is still retarded for freaking out that much. I'm allergic to wasps and when I see one I just kill it..

Let's just say there was a buzz in town...

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wow this is like the fakest fml i have ever read. how the hell do you RIP OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES?!

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i agree thius is stuupid and sounds rlly fake!