By Liz - Colombia - Bucaramanga
Today, I sent a message to my boyfriend saying that I missed him and love him very much. When I received a response, saying that he loved me and missed me too, I noticed that I had accidentally texted my ex. FML
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  I.beat.myself  |  7

God I hate women with fucking "options" I've always been the second fucking choice. Funny thing is, the other guy ends up hurting them and then they crawl back to me, expecting me to take them back. Fuck sake, how hard can it be to be happy with who you're with? I've never wanted more than who I was with.

By  Mynxie  |  26

One: why keep an ex's number? Two: why would you texting him and your bf at the same time? Their set of messages would have to be back to back to click the wrong one. Three: I don't believe this was an accident.

  Sinshine  |  27

You just answered you're own question. Quite frankly, I'm surprised at the amount of people asking why she still had her ex's number. Not every relationship ends in war.

By  GhostFox  |  33

I had a friend in late middle school- early high school who kept her exes number in her phone for the sake of records keeping for a legal issue. She didn't block his number because the only kind of block was one-size-fits-all that made it seem like you had had your phone disconnected. By keeping his number as a contact, she could keep record of how many times he tried to call her and when, and be able to make copies of the abusive voicemails he would leave.

On the other side of the spectrum, you CAN be friends with an ex. Yes, big shocker, but just because you don't work as a couple doesn't mean you don't work as friends.