By - 19/12/2018 13:00 - United Kingdom - Colchester
Today, I had a meeting with HR that resulted in me being dismissed for poor performance. I was confused because up until that point, my line manager had said my performance was exemplary. Turns out it wasn't, and he didn't tell me because he didn't want me to be stressed. FML
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By  MA_medQ  |  7

What? This has nothing to do with political correctness, this is either because OP have an incompetent manager or because the manager wanted to get rid of OP.

By  Phil  |  14

Political correctness strikes again. Management is so afraid of offending someone, and of being sued if they do, that they say nothing. In this case to your detriment. I'm truly sorry for you, because there is no easy solution for you. How can you learn, and improve your skills, if they're too afraid to talk about your performance?

  MA_medQ  |  7

What? This has nothing to do with political correctness, this is either because OP have an incompetent manager or because the manager wanted to get rid of OP.

  kieralumina  |  30

This whole blaming "political correctness" thing is quite honestly a load of bull. People are just mad that they can no longer treat others like shit without being called out on it. The manager was too scared to/didn't know how to give proper constructive feedback and instead chose not to set an employee on the path to improvement.

  JackFaire  |  22

Yeah heads up. That's not political correctness. It's not even about the OP. I have had bosses like this who were more concerned about being the "friend boss" than actually getting a performance out of people. If anyone needs to be let go it's that boss. She's failing as a boss playing more cheerleader than boss.

It's why growing up my dad always said you had to be careful about being friends at work.

By  ZoroMiHawk  |  25

Perhaps this depends on what kind of job you do, but surely if your performance is poor, you can realise this yourself far earlier before you have your performance review with your line manager? I mean, for example, if you are a software developer, and you delivered something that is buggy or not up to standard (and so much more different feedback you can/will get, especially from clients), you would (should?) be very aware of what your current value at the company really is.

  JackFaire  |  22

It depends on how the work is lacking. If the end result is good but the efficiency and speed aren't where they need to be the OP could easily miss that thinking they are doing great because the boss isn't being all "so hey it's taking you too long"

By  Ray_of_Midnight_2  |  3

A manager who can't have tough conversations with their employees, including giving negative feedback about poor work performance and constructive suggestions about how to improve, is a poor manager.

By  Yahya25  |  9

If you had no previous warning this doesn't sound like a fair dismissal. You should fight your corner and maybe seek legal advice especially if you've been there for a while.

  interesting33  |  36

if you've been there 2 years or have a disability or mental health news they knew about, you are protected by Equality Act 2010 and they can't just dismiss you like this

By  interesting33  |  36

that is absolutely awful. and not fair. Acas can help in terms of your rights. also the Employlee Support Programme or even wine mental health support from your doctor's. I've just been. essentially pushed out after 'poor performance' having not been told about it until 2 months in, and suddenly getting a whole bunch of concerns I can't answer back to or haven't had the chance to defend. It is devastating and so wrong

By  Casstrodamus  |  4

Not sure if you're in the states or not, but if you don't work in a right to work state, you can file a wrongful termination lawsuit (unless you signed a contract saying you can be fired for any reason other than blatant discrimination). Most states require that you give a certain amount of warnings for most minor infractions before they can fire you.