By Anonymous
Today, the manager that hired me and worked for years to inspire and connect her staff was laid to rest. Hours before the funeral, her replacement told me he wanted my 2 weeks notice on his desk tonight. I've been a model employee, he just doesn't like me. FML
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  Bobby319  |  24

It's not illegal if the poster is in the US, as the US is employment at will, which means that you can be fired for no reason at all or for any reason your employer wants as long as that reason is not your race, gender, religion, etc. it may however violate company policy so OPs best bet is to contact HR or a area supervisor

  ohsnapword  |  21

OP is in a no win situation. On one hand, if she hands in her notice, she is ineligible for unemployment if she is unable to find a job. On the other hand, if she stays, the manager can either make her life miserable until she quits or dream up company policy and write her up for violations against it and terminate her. The documented violations would server to prevent her from collecting unemployment. Depending on the company, going to HR could be useless. My suggestion; fine a new job ASAP and resign. If you're vindictive, go back there as a customer and set them up to fail. This will allow you to smear them on Yelp without risking defamation.

  bkwusa  |  15

You would have to be stupid to do what the manager wants if you are in the USA as it would prevent you from collecting unemployment benefits. Let him fire you and then you can collect unemployment benefits.

By  Lillysar91  |  20

My sincere condolences. You must be already upset to have lost her and now this! Is it legal to do this? To fire you is one thing, but to force you to leave? If it is I'm really sorry especially if you liked your job and are good at it. FML indeed!

By  Thomas Parker  |  6

You are under no obligation to resign. Make him fire you. If you resign, you can't file for unemployment. If you've been a model employee, he can't claim he fired you for cause.

By  Tarlachia  |  33

Assuming you're in the United States (You're Anonymous right now), check to see if your state is a "Right to Work" state. If by chance you're in a union, use their lawful power to your advantage. Even if your state is a "Right to Work" state, the employer usually has to provide a path of termination to protect themselves legally, aka a list of wrongdoings that you've done and has been documented. While they could be contested on those things, it would make it harder for you to beat them. Best of luck!