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Today, I went on a date with an extremely cute girl. About 30 minutes in, she excused herself to the restroom. I waited for about 20 minutes, then I got up and left. About 10 minutes later, she called asking where I was. FML
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UPDATE: We cleared it up, and are currently planning a second date. Turns out she wasn't feeling well. It all ended up working out c:

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You could've told her you went to the bathroom too :D!


Or a really, really big toilet clogging poop.

That is probably the OP from an earlier post. The one where they got fired for ten minute bathroom breaks. Seems someone really needs more fiber in their diet.

You shoud atleast have checked the bathroom!

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That's not a good idea. They're most likely in a restaurant, which separates female and male restrooms.

That could still be really awkward. She would probably feel really embarrassed if a waitress came in saying her date was wondering if she was okay because she was in the washroom for half an hour.

Quite, she could have been washing extra thoroughly in preparation for a night of wild sex.

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This FML isn't gender specific, so technically OP possibly could have...

I agree with 23, I think I would've asked a waitress to check on his date just in case she was really sick in there. She could've been puking or fainted. Yes it may be awkward for the date, but all she would need to say is that she's fine and would be out in a minute.

You could've told her you went to the bathroom too :D!

Or maybe said that he left his wallet in the car and went to go get it.

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When it's more than 5 mins, it's a number 2.

Unless she was wearing leather pants and talking about dinosaurs excessively.

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20 minutes must be a number 5 then 0.o

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Some girls stand and redo their makeup for at least 10 minutes every time they go to the toilets. I see it way too often.

^And then they have to take the perfect bathroom selfie

...And then she could've put lotion all over her legs and then powder which makes a sort of paste preventing the leather pants from going up. It happens.

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Then what happened? This needs a follow-up.

First she gets fired from her job because she takes 10+ minute dumps and now this...

After 10 minutes, you check the bathroom, or you inquire if they're OK. After 20 minutes (let alone 30 min ) OP was right to leave. I would have done the same thing.

How would he check when there are separate male and female facilities?

#18 He could ask a worker or a female diner to check. He could also crack the door without looking and yell in. But really he should have just texted her.

Why would you leave after 20 minutes, if after 10 minutes you had confirmed the status of your date? Your logic is flawed.

#38, he waited 20 minutes and left. Then, 10 minutes after he left, she called him.

38 dont be dumb, they obviously meant if she wasnt in the bathrooms at the 10 minute mark..

#62 If they weren't in the bathroom after 10 minutes, why would you wait to leave until 20 minutes?

He meant to check the bathroom after 10 minutes. Or don't check the bathroom and just wait at the table for 20 minutes.