By Aldric - Germany - Munich
Today, I was an extra in a movie and I had to play a corpse. At the make up stand, they painted my mouth blue. I then asked the make-up artist why they didn’t do more : "You’re so pale it looks like you’re already dead". FML
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By  redcode5  |  17

Its ok, many consider pale skin as a form of beauty.

By  Tripartita  |  44

Looks like you'll have to apply a darker foundation, so they'll put another pale layer over it. Apply it you your entire body. If possible roll around in foundation.

By  Kaylana_fml  |  31

Pale skin can be beautiful and desirable. Learn to love and protect it, and you will age far better. Nearly 20% of skin damage occurs before the age of 18...As a redhead, I wish I'd been raised in an era when healthy skin was valued above tanned skin, or I wouldn't be suffering the skin problems I am today.