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Today, I was helping my dad move into his new house. It's a 4-bedroom house and he has three kids so it's perfect. I was wandering around and noticed that the first bedroom is his, the second is my older brother's, the third is my younger sister's, and the fourth is an office. I have no room. FML
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aww that sucks :( demand a room or kick one of your siblings out. haha

tell him....and stop helping him move.


aww that sucks :( demand a room or kick one of your siblings out. haha

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Well if you don't live with him why would you expect your own room in his house?

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That's totally something my dad would do. Scratch that. Something he's done. You'll just have to live with it. It sucks, but you'll be sleeping on the couch or sharing a room with your sister. I'm guessing you'll be out of there within the next few years or so anyway. No worries. It sucks, but to be honest, there really is nothing you can do until you become the favorite child.

Take naked pictures of yourself, post online, call police and say he's abused you sexually since you were younger.

OR if you wanna feel better you can look at this site and feel loads better cause of all the shitty stuff that's happened to these people: Btw, first to be sexy. Oh damn! Girls wanna **** me? Ask for my number!!! ;)

Sucks being the middle child, doesn't it? Middle children always get the shit end of the stick. XDD

Boxingsweets, you are right. They get the shit end of the stick in their families so they develop fantastic social skills with the world at large. I'm a first-born. My brother, the middle kid, is kicking ass in the real world!

Really? I'm a middle child and I suck ass at social skills. Mind you I'm not all growed up yet...

CFR, are you one of your parent's favorites? Often, in a three-kid family, the first-born is a favorite of one parent and the "baby" is the favorite of the other. In this case, the middle child is more eager to be with the outside world. Does this sound like you? PS: I see you are Canadian, feel free to insert u's as needed.

I sucks! (i would know).. having 2 older sisters and 2 younger bros.. (I'm a girl)... but if someone is missed out, it's me .. my cousin even left my name out on her wedding card, she remembered everyone's except mine and I always have last pick, this year, we renovated our house... my sisters got a whole new massive study and new really cool rooms, my bros got 1 of my sisters old room, which was cleaned and repainted, my parents got a hole new area with big windows and a nice breeze... what did I upgrade to? My other sisters old room which she dirtied and had marks all over the room, and i now have a new bed (my cousin's old one) where my mattress doesn't even fit) so it's really uncomfortable... the saddest part - it's still an upgrade for me. FML

plexico: (haha I know, long time to reply, I'm not even sure you'll read this =P) I wouldn't say I'm the favourite, but no one in my family hates me as far as I know...Though my mum wasn't exactly supportive when I dated my first boyfriend (last year). She kept saying I could "do better" but didn't really elaborate on how (I think she was mad my boyfriend wasn't like Jared Padalecki from Gilmore Girls...) . Oh and there are no baby pictures of me. Besides that, my mum never really had a favourite because she tried very hard not to.

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ha. My family it was the opposite. My mom made a special effort to NOT ignore her middle child, and in teh process began ignoring her oldest (me) and her youngest. I eventually stood up for her cause my sister would come crying to me all the time about how my mom liked our other sister better. It took a long time after that for my mom to start to treat the girls about equal. They're only a year apart in age. I'm way older and she sorta still ignored me, and it pissed me off sometimes, but its alright now, cause I've moved out. I just hate not being able to check and make sure she's still being fair to the girls. Also, this picture makes me sad. :(

Hahha, that's the same way with my father. He has the best marriage/family (not to brag, but if anyone saw the rest of his brothers' and sisters' families, they'd agree) and he's doing so financially well. :D

I'm a middle child, I have an older sister and a younger sister. Both my sisters are overweight. My older sister is 14 and weighs about 175 My younger sister who is 9 weighs about 110 I'm 11 and weigh 78 My younger sister has bad eyesight and needs to wear glasses and has very curly hair My older sister has super frizzy hair and they both do not shave but my younger sister needs to more. I have cool flippy hair(haha) I'm just stating the facts about us. They're still fun, kind've. P.S My younger sister can actually carry me! lol

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Funny Plexico, I am the oldest and I am definitely not the favourite (My brother, the middle child, is Mum's favourite, and my half-sister, the youngest, is her Dad's favourite and Mum's second favourite).

i'm a middle child, and YES I AGREE let's just say that the only time my mom hugs me nowadays is if it's my birthday

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Get the **** off this site. Children should not be surfing this shit.

Being an only child is the only way to go. FYL

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fr00bird.. you're lucky compared to me.. there's only 2 kids in my house.. that's me and my sister.. my parents both love me sister.. she's 22 and she's not even my dad's kid.. and she's still their favourite.... and i havent been hugged by anyone in my family since i was 4 years old =/ my mom ignores me.. my dad hates me and wants to kick me out.. and im only 16 (im a girl btw).... =/ ur lucky u even get hugs..

Actually, jackkerouc9, only children often grow up spoiled, because they are the only kid that their parent(s) has/have to take care of, therefore getting more attention. I'm not saying all only children grow up this way, but it is a common thing. Just something to think about.

thats true. im probably spoiled but it doesn't seem like i am haha (: and yes im an only childd

she defintely said that her dad gave her older brother a room... so why wouldn't she have a room too?

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*sings* then you can get a new daddy, get a new daddy! Police'll take the old one awayyyyy

stay up late, sit back and light up a fatty

@41, I'm a middle child but my mother likes to spoil me more than my family :D

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I'm a youngest child. Both of my sisters got major self-esteem and weight hate problems as our mother always told us to "suck it in" and try to make us lose weight. I don't know much else of their problems. I do know that I got a problem with not being accepted, with asking for help, with not being perfect, and not being praised by my mom. She didn't care when I got straight-A's but if I got lower I'm a disappointment because I'm the 'smartest one'. When I say "I love you", I'm ignored. I don't get hugs. I only get criticism from her. Youngest children aren't always babied. :-/

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tell him....and stop helping him move.

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did u assume that u were staying there? I dont kno the situation so...

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well he's not the oldest one, so he's probally not 18 and if so then it's illegal to kick him out

If that's the case, then someone is going to het his ass handed to him and it's not the OP.

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yeahh like I said, ionno the situation so I dont see any complication with her staying with her mother. Thats all im sayin

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Just to throw an idea out there... What if her mother has passed?

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Maybe you're old enough for a new place? alone? Just a thought

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if op is living out of the house, then it's not really necessary for her to have her own room... shecan always stay in her sister's room or the office if she is visiting. it's weird that her older brother gets a room, but maybe her dad just assumes op can bunk with her sis.

Maybe you get the basement or something? Either way that is not quite as bad as

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btw it's wandering, not wondering. sorry to be anal but that was really bothering me.

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Are you blind or did u wake up feeling the need to seem grammatically superior?

#15: Don't apologize... some people really like anal.

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It's like this. If your thinking: wondering. Duhh. Or going off places: wandering. I'm just sayin!!...


I assume that because your dad lives in own house and you helped I assume ur parents are divorced and your dad has full custody. I assume this so dont attack me on my own opinion.