By siighh - 06/07/2011 14:52 - Australia

Today, my dad came home from work complaining about all the people he'd seen. He said he doesn't understand why so many people with problems have to confide in him. He's a psychologist. FML
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I think HE needs a shrink

I think he need a psychologist or a new job


I think HE needs a shrink

Put yourself in his shoes. Half the people he consults could be completely NUCKING FUTS!

WinterPerfection 3

My thoughts exactly.

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10- but it's his job to talk to people who are completely ******* nuts..

RainbowHeadache 2

Doubtful. Most people are relatively normal and have petty problems like school, work & boys. Depends on what kind of psychologist he is really.

enonymous 8

and how did that make you feel?

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tzuriel11 9


this has nothing to do with OP! why is OP posting this?!?!?!

What about people that have problems with girls? Huh?? Sexist...

I have problems with boys AND girls. Now what??

a phycologist is a fail science major. He deserves it.

84- and you fail at spelling. I wouldn't consider psychology a fail science seeing psychologist need a doctorate to practice.

STP907 8

^ and they make a shit load of money

maybe in your country. I am studying to be one and I know I gonna earn crap

RainbowHeadache 2

To 82 & 76. You know what I meant. Trolls.

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u mean black people?

scar97 0

^I mean AFRICAN AMERICANS. better, moderator? u seriously moderated my comment for saying black person?

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I was kidding not trolling. There's a big difference. I've never been accused of trolling before. :O

1 - thats what i was gonna say(:

13, I'm just saying he has a hard job.

I think he need a psychologist or a new job

he needs both

yes he needs to think of another career asap

that's what he told you? psshhh

How is this a fml? Seriously who moderated this

Career change perhaps... Or he's just dicking around.

This, I'm pretty sure he was kidding. (**** AFP)

wow.. who made him physiologist again..? not really FYL but FHL. sorry for your dumb daddd..

So, he is complaining about his job? So what? Most people do. He is probably just tired of having to deal with everyone's problems, even if it is his job.

Maybe he should get himself a physiologist and figure out why he became a physiologist in the first place if he's just going to complain

Isn't it pscyhcologist??


hah! sorry but that was a total fail :)

he isn't a physiologist...

a new job would probably be wise.

miniluda12 12

is it bad that i laughed?

Absolutely. This is FML, please, show some courtesy to these unfortunate people and remain solemn and respectful as you read the posts. Thank You.