By Anon - 23/11/2011 01:53 - United States

Today, after changing his mind 3 times, my long distance fiancé told me he wasn't coming to see me for Thanksgiving. Out of anger, I threw his clothes, car magazines, and whatever else I could find in a huge, messy pile. During this, he walked into the room. He was going to surprise me. FML
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I'm sure you were quite shocked in the end. SUCCESS!

His surprise to you was a bigger surprise to him

You're a bitch OP, it might have been a bad thing to turn you down like that but you honestly should not get that angry over that, yes he is long distance and yes he is your fiance, but really? Throwing all his belongings in a massive pile? I hope he threw everything you own in a pile.

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I'm going to guess with the temper tantrum that the ring will soon be on eBay. God I hope it's my size I'd really hate to resize that.. Oh man maybe he will make his own pile and include the wedding dress too ....

^This. Even if he did apparently change his mind three times. That can be annoying, but still.

33- Maybe she can spend her Thanksgiving break cleaning it all up while everyone else enjoys some turkey! :)

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A temper tantrum? And you're how old? If it's a long distance relationship, being apart is nothing new. You need to get a grip.

you know, you're overreacting. she was just venting her anger, and its not like she was expecting him round anytime soon, she would almost certainly have tided it all back up once she calmed down - i know i would have - and he never would have known the difference...

@41 You think he should break off the engagement... because she threw his things in a pile? It's not like she caused any damage. She made a mess. Big deal. It was a harmless way to blow steam.

Thats what you get for being crazy...

Idk. But if OP was a guy and did this, everyone would be bashing him.

I think its some odd form of abstract art for them by the 10 points for parkway drive picture

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Why do some women always overreact for everything?? If it was me, I would be sad and get over it not throw stuff allover to the point of making piles.

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Yeah, hello, woman here :). I just want to say that I would never do that, taking your anger out by throwing stuff into a pile is kind of pointless and stupid. Not all women act this way.

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Easier to set things that are in a pile on fire :)

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Man! :) I must be the best guy she's ever been with. Can't wait to open that door. She doesn't suspect a thing! ... WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?!

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WELL, I don't know about you but I would be pretty frustrated if someone changed their mind 3 times for whether or not to go see me.

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What me gusta said. F his life for toying with her emotions like that. "I'm going to lie to my SO so she'll be upset and disappointed so I can surprise her!"

.. And that's going to solve all your problems.

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Peter griffin and the bull frog picture, you win the prize

At least he didn't fart while having sex by a frog...

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Wait what? The F are you talking about?

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We all know the Fml refferences aren't clever..