By AnonymousAndSad - United States - Waukon
Today, after an entire year spent in physical therapy recovering from three knee surgeries, I finally returned to doing light agility exercises and running on a treadmill. When I told my therapist I had never been so happy and proud, he responded with, "This usually only takes 5 months, pussy." FML
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  FitForFun  |  11

Am I the only one who thinks the therapist might have been joking and since OP needs a therapist he might not be in an appropriate mindset to tell that. I don't see a therapist just being an asshole to be an asshole. I think this honestly could be either parties fault here. I know quite a few people who can't take a joke.

  emeraldmaz  |  9

#63 I think you're confused. When they say "therapist" I'm pretty sure they meant "physiotherapist," not a psychological one. The therapist in this case has very little to do with mindset.

  EternalRest  |  5

I'm a physical therapist assistant, and it is made very clear to us that comments like that are NEVER okay, regardless of a client's performance or attitude. He could very easily lose his job over that if you choose to consult with his supervising PT.

By  meggieeeee92  |  27

Aren't physical therapist supposed to be motivational and happy with your progress?
That guy is an asshole. I suggest finding a new one and reporting him to his boss. And also congrats on your progress! Knee surgeries are pretty sucky to recover from!


#30- I actually was thinking that it is OP's physical therapist that said it, because they said "This usually only takes 5 months" and I assumed they were talking about OP's recovery, and i think the PT would know about that more than a regular therapist. But that's just how I took it, I could be wrong.

  ChenEighty  |  20

32, I'd agree with you, but the PT has been there the entire time, I can't imagine he/she would have done nothing mean over a year, and then say such a rude underhanded comment at the end of it.
Or I could be wrong. Happens, like, all the time. We can wait for a follow-up.

  Moobacca  |  2

Actually, no, physical therapists aren't motivational speakers, they aren't supposed to make you happy. they're there to get you moving.

if OP's therapy took twice as long as normal, it means that they didn't put the work in to get there. that therapist was probably frustrated and tired of watching this guy not doing what he was supposed to do.

  DotDootyDot  |  17

Whether OP has or hasn't been working hard enough for his recovery, there is absolutely no excuse for his therapist's behavior: S/he may not be a motivational speaker, but calling your own patient a "pussy" is downright unprofessional and unnecessary.

  emeraldmaz  |  9

#78 "if OP's therapy took twice as long as normal, it means that they didn't put the work in to get there"

What? That is hugely inaccurate. It may be true for some people, but there are many factors as to why someone may take longer to heal - some people are slow healers, for example. There are all sorts of reasons, medial and other, as to why someone may not have the same result as someone else.

By  Nymfae  |  3

That is really rude. Therapists should be the people who encourage you every step of the way, no matter how lang that will take. Don't let it bother you though, people who react like that probably don't have the happiest lives anyway. Just stay positive!

  sohigh10  |  34

Autocorrect still on Dutch? lang:p

By  hellnosucka  |  27

Ask him if he wants to see how much time it will take him to recover... if he didn't know, then propose to mess up his knees as an experiment... you know just out of pure curiosity and good intentions to benefit the medical field and probably the world.