By Brightbulb - United States
Today, I went to work feeling great. I'd just paid off my student loans and was planning a trip to see friends in Italy. I left work unemployed because a fraud case I exposed 3 years ago got the company sued for slander. It was thrown out because everything was fact. FML
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  Seeya55  |  31

I'm assuming another company was slandering his company, and he exposed it. In the end, the trial was thrown out because the Slander about OP's company was true. So OP pretty much destroyed his own company trying to protect it, thinking the info was fake. Hence, him being canned.

  kbrightness22  |  10

Op exposed fraud in another company. That company then sued op's company for slander. the slander case got thrown out because everything written in the fraud case was accurate. op still got fired even though their company won the suit

By  Mortimer14  |  9

OP exposed his company to a lawsuit. It doesn't matter that the suit was thrown out, if it hadn't been for OP, there wouldn't be a lawsuit.

As far as "retaliation against a whistleblower" that would only work if the OP's company was the one who was caught committing fraud. He might still be able to claim wrongful termination, but not as a whistleblower.