Rock, hard place

By Anonymous - 12/08/2020 20:00

Today, I'm horny all the time, but my endurance in the sack is horrible. Why me? FML
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dragonfly08330 10

Build up your hand endurance. You can do it.

********** a half hour before. It should help prolong the experience.

genuinegoodguy 9

Do you mean you’re too unfit or that you cum too soon? Try running and try focusing on your partner.

Work on your fitness. If you're in good shape, it might be your mental health that's playing a part. If you feel both are good, try Red Bull. Or speed.

I bet you make love like a Japanese banquet. Small portions but oh so many courses.

Try a variety of condoms, depending on the design some can really reduce most of sensation.

kujiens101 24

Not gonna lie, that is a big motivating factor for me staying fit