By daddyowl - 25/05/2012 04:32 - Canada - Montreal

Today, after 5 months of unemployment and hardcore job searching, I got hired for my dream job. I called my mum to tell her all about it, to which she responded, "Great honey! Now all you need to do is lose all that weight". She allowed me all of 4 minutes of feeling good about myself. FML
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mothers. can't live with them, can't live without them.

Sure you would, tough guy. Watch out, we got a badass over here!


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Punching your own mum? Isn't that just a tad harsh? And morally wrong?

Sure you would, tough guy. Watch out, we got a badass over here!

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Why? I'd rather my mom tell me the honest truth than lie to me. My mom has told me in the past that I have gained weight and that it doesn't look good on me. Yes, it was a little painful hearing it from my mom but at the same time, it was a reality check. I hit the gym after that and have managed to keep it off. Overall, was her advice in my best interest? Absolutely! Not only do I feel and look good, I am also happy knowing that I'm not a fat slob who will later develop weight-related medical conditions.

27- Famous last words: "Well, Chuck Norris can, why can't I?"

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My mom tells me to try and lose weight sometimes. Sure, it gets annoying sometimes but I would most definitely not punch her. She just doesn't want me to get a heart attack when I'm like 25.

Jeez I know my comment wasn't funny but why take it so seriously? Lighten up people, it's called a joke

of course it does. a mother should love and accept their child no matter what, even if they are overweight. but she didnt have to say it like that...

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When someone close to you says something like that, you just never forget it, especially if it's true, that makes it hurt more.

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False......fatties are disgusting and they should do something about it.

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Isn't it mom's job to keep you focused and on track in life? Op reached a goal and her mother gave her a reccomendation for another, I see no problem here except for her timing.

Then show us your modeling shots 26! I'm sure they're awesome!

I hope your children die of thyroid malfunction.

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20, no, a mother should never let her child become a fat obese lonely slob. There's a difference between accepting your child as God created him/her and indulging your child's self-harming habits. For example, you should accept your child if he/she was born with three limbs and autism, however, you should intervene when your child relishes in two McD's triple pound angus beef burgers with an XL smoothie and thinks that walking from his/her Laz-Boy to the bathroom to take a piss is exercise.

mothers. can't live with them, can't live without them.

And evidently can't get fat with them around, or they will call you out for stealing hand from the grocery store by putting them under your shirt. Or they will be told by a lifeguard not to park their vans on the diving board

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Correcting your 'hand' to 'ham' helps a little bit, but it doesn't truly account for the lack of sense the rest of your original comment possesses.

#3 Your pic fits so well with your comment

I didn't think the reference would be that big of a stretch but it doesn't seem like anyone got it. Watch the family guy episode where Chris goes on a diet and you will understand the nonsense better

Hey, it's still better to feel good for a little while then not feel good at all!

Parents always spoilt it! Congrats on getting your dream job!

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Parents are Ruiners. Every time.

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Congrats on finding a job tho.

Just should have waited longer to call mom.

Just should have waited longer to call mom.

Congratulations on finding your dream job in this economy, OP. Don't listen to what she says, you can always lose weight if that's what you want. She may be your mom, but the only person who needs to feel good about you is yourself.

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Some people hate the idea of someone else living their dreams. They hate their own life so they have to crush anyone else's dreams.

Some parents just want to see their children living up to their full potential and don't know how to express it better. She may want to see OP as rich, successful, beautiful, and happy because she believes he deserves all those things but instead of coming out as "you deserve the best in life", it comes out as "what you're doing isn't good enough". OP, mothers can get yo us like no one else. Try telling your mum that you know she loves you and wants the best for you. It might change the dialogue completely.

10 - Unfortunately you're right. Sounds like my aunt who now has custody of me. She's good to me, but she pops pills like crazy (says they're for blood pressure. I'm sorry, I didn't realize you had to take a handful of different pills just for your blood pressure. And do you really need to carry a full bottle of pills everywhere you go? She does.) and when she comes home from work in a bad mood it's apparently my fault (even though I wasn't at work with her) and whenever she's mad at her child's father she takes it out on me. And she says "I don't believe in love." so she tries to get me and my boyfriend to hate each other. Sorry for the ranting. I was just pointing out that you were right.

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Just don't worry about it. If you want to loose weight, do it for yourself. Maybe your mom just has a terrible way of expressing herself (mine does the same thing) but she wants the best for you, deep down. Congratulations and good luck with the new job.

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What does one simply do then?

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Then after you lose the weight your clothes will be loose..

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Apparently, I lost my mind. Please excuse my erroneous ways.