By disappointmentafter4years - 12/04/2016 19:31 - United States - Philadelphia

Today, after 4 years of staring each other down at the bar, we both finally made a move and ended up at his apartment. After 45 mins of unsuccessfully getting anywhere, I left, to walk home in a hail storm. FML
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Suaria 38

My question why would you wait 4 years before finally making a move?


Hope you didn't freeze, OP. It won't hurt to try again!

You know, when it's hailing it's usually not that cold... You have more chances of seeing hail storms in summer and it's not rare too see hail during a thunderstorm.

If it hails again it might hurt quite a lot actually.

Wiringify 22

Just make sure that the weather is clear on that day before trying again.

4 years in a staring contest? You must have eye boogers the size of sweetcorn kernels!

Hope you didn't get hurt too bad OP...

I think many of us have been there where we wanted someone bad for so long then when the planets finally align it ends up being disappointed. Unlucky OP.

I think that if you haven't experienced disappointment after lusting after someone for so long and finally getting to where you waned to be, you're not a human being. Unfortunately.

Mathalamus 24

Must have been one long staring contest. Sorry...

Suaria 38

My question why would you wait 4 years before finally making a move?

Because people are ******* about talking to the opposite sex.

yenze 18

It must be easy calling other people ******* when your a dick

orangejubejube 20

Maybe someone was in a relationship before now? ..this seems to need a follow up

I feel that they both were regulars at the bar, and most likely didn't talk to each other, but then it they ended up talking recently and it led to this situation.

We actually did talk plenty of times previous to this. He was in a relationship.

Well, at least now you'll surely say 'Hi' to the next guy you meet a lot quicker.

Could have just waited undercover somewhere until the hailstorm had passed ..