Roommates from hell

By NotEnoughBleach - 14/03/2016 03:58 - United States - Englewood

Today, while trying to sleep, my roommates were shouting in the next room. When I poked my head out to tell them to shut up, I was greeted by the sight of one of them with his knob duct-taped inside a gun holster, and the other one trying to rip it off. And they wonder why I'm not more social. FML
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What the hell? Why was a gun holster on his dick?

#2: He was trying to determine whether he was shooting blanks. It's a legitimate medical test.

andrmac 25

He wanted to have a duel... Pistols at high noon!

Fetushes are getting weirder and weirder.

More like people are getting stupider.

kaithewhiteguy 12

If they are both guys... Well this FML just got weird AF.

HarleyBlues 24

Really? Both of them being men is what would make this weird to you?

This would be so much less weird if they were both gals.

Yeah #6, them being guy makes it so weird because everyone knows it would be less weird if a girl was trying to rip a gun holster off a guy's dick. Or if a girl had a dick, and a gun holster stuck on it. Makes sense.

This is like one of those "Florida Man..." blog posts.

Yeah, these guys sound great. he could have had his own incredibly painful dick holster.

ulissey_fml 22

On the other hand , I am not sure they are the right people to go hob knobbing with.