By Anonymous - 23/12/2017 06:00

Today, I went out with a guy who, about 20 minutes into our dinner, said, "Wow, you don't sweat much for a fat chick." FML
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I would have said "For someone who has a brain, you don't think much." and left.

At which point you threw your drink on him and left, right?


I would have said "For someone who has a brain, you don't think much." and left.

At which point you threw your drink on him and left, right?

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Are you supposed to be sweating while sitting and eating dinner?

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Just because he is an idiot, doesn't mean you need to be mean to him. Thank him for that compliment, finish your meal, excuse yourself to the bathroom and exit via the rear of the building never to see him again.

Trying to find where OP was mean to him. And she shouldn't go through all this extra work to leave this dumbass. She could excuse herself from the table and exit through the front door. Simple.

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Being mean refers to others that have commented.

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So calling someone out on being mean and rude is somehow being mean now. That's a new kind of ridiculous, but expecting someone to thank someone else for insulting them is just plain insane. Apparently, we should just let people continue behaviors that are hurtful in order to avoid the risks of hurting their feelings.

This is a technique called negging (negative compliments). It is used when people, stereotypically males, want to sleep with females but feel the girl is out of their league and they don't have much of chance. The idea is to insult them but dress it up as a compliment and hopefully the victim of negging will have their self esteem lowered enough to think 'I'm not good enough for him but he likes me anyway' and therefore sleep with him. He may well not even think you are fat, but it is well known it is a topic girls are often touchy and sensitive about. A lot of girls think they are fat when they are not and a lot of girls prioritise being fat as their biggest flaw when being kind and happy is far more important. So it is an easy target as many girls he says that too will believe him. Other examples of negging include 'I don't normally go out with girls your size but you make it work'. Basically my analysis of the situation would be that he fancies you, thinks you won't go for him unless your self esteem is lowered so he uses a standard negging insult. And he is acting like a massive jerk by employing this technique and is very insecure. He thinks you are intimidating and out of his league.

In fact, the line he used 'you don't sweat much for a fat chick' is a pretty standard neg I think. It is a pickup line listed in the 100 worst pickup lines of all time. He is an idiot, lease try not to take it to heart and please don't see him again.

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Either that, or he's a fat fetishist, and was hoping OP would fit his stereotype of a "fat" person. The lack of sweat could be a disappointment to the tactless creep.

That's the moment when you say "Oh yeah?", dive over the table, pin him down and rub your armpits all over his face.

Well i would have taken my food to go and left . What a dick

Also, stick the dick with the bill for being such a prick.

I don't think penises can read though.

that was part of "Who's line is it anyway?"

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I hope you replied with “Wow! You don’t stink so much for an asshole!”