By eewww - / Friday 6 May 2011 15:47 / United Kingdom
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  PurpleRae420  |  0

Haha yah I agree that's gross But hey he was drunk he didn't know what he was doing lol just go home and take a LOOOOONG hot shower I'd bathe for awhile Hun lol then put ALOTTA lotion on and go find your bf/gf you'll feel better in no time

  docscientist  |  9

42 - yeah you tell op! You're not even a real person unless you have access to an iPod 24/7. Op should be oblivious to the sounds of the world at all times, lest she hear something uncomfortable and totally deserve it!

  littlemissFYL  |  5

this is where rebecca black comes in. when you walk inside the bus you think, "which seat should I take?" don't take the front seat with the person who's fucked up, you take the back seat - where there is space. :)

  iluvhobos  |  5

#48-chil the fuck out, I would assume OP knew they would be taking the bus that day, so they should take it then, no? I am not saying OP, or anyone for that matter, should be listening to music all day and be completely oblivious to the world around them-that is something I can't stand. So relax, toolbag.

  bluegoldfish  |  7

jeez guys relax shes only kidding. or trolling. but we dont need to jump to conclusions just because she has an annoyingly sanctimonious and self-assured looking profile picture.

  mintcar  |  9

Nothing older than a 2010? WTF?!
Not even a 1960 Ferrari 250 GT Spyder California?

Actually....I know nothing about cars. I'm
watching Ferris Bueler.


ahaha oh please dear .. nothing older than a 2010 ?? so no 1967 shelby mustang gt500E? no 1969 ferarri california spyder ? or what about a 1970s plymouth hemi cuda or dodge challenger ? and bmws are nice but mayb a new mercedes cls ... im also quite wealthy dear but i cant stand people like you with that attitude ..

  HubertPL  |  0

hihih you dumb cnt... you cant even afford anything If it wasn't for your family or significant other how about you come back to planet earth and get a job and see how easy it is to get a 2010 BMW

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