By kewlcat - 16/07/2009 06:30 - Canada

Today, my friend put a bunch of cheetos all over me at the beach while I was taking a nap. Next thing I know I'm being woken up by a bunch of seagulls attacking me. One pooped in my hair. FML
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kewlcat tells us more.

ok , first of all, its not fake. second of all, i was actually sleeping, more just like, resting, with my eyes closed. also, i live in vancouver which is just above seattle, so we have beaches and we dont get snow. aaand yes it is really funny to see, just make sure you don't let them get you back ;)

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ithedarkknight 0

well... lmao thats all i got...

beach not bench dumbass


ithedarkknight 0

well... lmao thats all i got...

A flock of seagulls? Did you ruuuun, you run so far awaaaay?

did the bird poop cheeto- y poop on you?

flex_able 0

why were you sleeping on a bench? iam shocked you weren't robbed lol

olitox 0

He said "beach" not "bench"

beach not bench dumbass

KryptoniteKiss 0

Bahaha. Nice friend you get there, eh? ;)

YDI for having friends.

LMFAO. That's the lamest YDI reason i've ever seen on this site.

I know... whoever put YDI it on this is a totally loser.

no, i saw someone say "YDI for not being an orphan" once. That's the lamest YDI reason ever.

If this is your friend, I wonder what your enemies do to you...

they buy him ice cream and give him presents everyday.

falling asleep at the beach usually leads to sunburn, just be happy all you got was seagull crap in your hair... that you can wash out.

LOL I agree. What do your ennemies do to you?

Iloveyencheck 0

hahaha sucks and who falls asleep at the beach with their friends?

Colleennn1579 0

Hahahaha fyl indeed!