By purrtygirl - United States
Today, a guy from my school came into my work. I knew him but forgot his name. I didn't want to be rude and ask for his name when he probably expected me to know it. So, thinking I was clever, I said "How do you spell your name again?". His name was Rob. FML
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By  lesp  |  6

Just ask him. Most people aren't offended, and if they are then they'll get over it, because it's not a big deal. YDI for trying to be slick when you're not. Most names are easy to spell and will get you a weird look.

By  gaby904  |  0

this reminds me of the King of Queens thanksgiving episode when Doug met up with an old friend at the gorcery store but he has no idea who he is.. and he tries to figure out his name the whole time...
I second motion #7, most people aren't offended.. I mean hey, not really your fault if you forget a name!