By wardsl195 - United States - Seaford
  Today, a guy came to install a modem in my apartment. He needed to get to the jack behind my TV stand, so I helped him move it. Once the stand was moved, I saw a used condom that was hidden underneath. My cat must have pulled it out of my garbage weeks ago. There's no way the guy didn't see it. FML
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Or how about this... maybe the guy wasn't planning on flirting because maybe he's already taken or he just wants to get the job done ans get payed? Not every guy flirts with every woman they see.

  fashionbug9880  |  22

You don't have to be taken to practice safe sex, you know. Anyone can have sex regardless of relationship status. Even if that was the case, it was an old condom. She could've used it with her boyfriend weeks ago and they could've broken up. We can't assume anything.