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After sleepover

Today, I was at a sleepover for a friend's birthday. It was great, but after sleeping on their pull out couch, I woke up with six pimples on my face and a rash on my back. FML
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Everyone saying bed bugs... it can’t be. They didn’t mention any intense pain or itching and anyone who’s fate was unfortunate enough to let them become a victim of them knows the misery that comes with their company.😢😫 I’m sure that couch was just filthy. I’d do a deep cleanse mask with a touch tea tree oil and follow up with a nice toner/moisturizer, then you should be good

  alycion  |  38

It could be a ton of things, but I would still take bed bug precautions with anything I had there so I don’t spread them to my place. And then if probably go to a doctor to be sure.