By Iamdisappointed - 24/07/2013 11:50 - Sweden - Ludvika

Today, the doctor told my husband that he is infertile due to slow sperm. As if this is not upsetting enough, my husband blames it on me. According to him, his sperm doesn't get 'aroused' because I'm not sexy enough. FML
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MrSarcasmic 10

see if the sight of you walking away is "sexy" enough for said sperm


Tell him to quit wearing Tighty Widies OP.

Your husband has to live with a permanent disorder and you decide to go complain on FML because of a comment he made when he was understandably upset?

Being upset doesn't give him a right to insult his wife. Especially considering it is by no means her fault he has a low sperm count, that's a very childish way to react.

It's just a single comment and it's not like he's abusive. Get over it.

#25, she's not complaining. It's an FML. What an ignorant comment.

It's the fact that even after a doctor told him the problem was with him, he turned it to try and blame OP.

43 - I know it is and I tried to correct it but my changes didn't save. :/ Damn you app! XD

#25 is right people are so whiny on this site and I know people are going to thumb this down but I really don't care some people need to realize that not everyone is their friend especially on the internet

I'm with 25. he's just trying to find an excuse to why he has slow sperm. if you were maybe a little bit sexy, he can't really put the blame on you

DKjazz 20

I used to think it was "tidy" whities

salazara 10

I think his sperm is not sexy enough for your ovum.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

ya if my husband said that to me it would hurt me greatly. I hope he apologized to you op. but I would try not to take it personal. I think men with that problem feel less of a man.. they take it way too personal as compared to seeing it only as a medical issue.

There are too many stupid people in the world

MrSarcasmic 10

see if the sight of you walking away is "sexy" enough for said sperm

\ 28

I doubt OP'd want to bear his children now...

You guys overreact. He was upset in the moment. This is no damn reason for a divorce, or punch to the face

dyehardxen 19

It's good for a night on the couch, though.

"My sperm don't get aroused because you're not sexy enough!" ... that's not something you just blurt out, get real. Jesus Christ. He's just a douchebag.

Some men will look to anyone else to lay the blame

And to lay their sperm when they're not satisfied; watch out!

cottoncandymango 17

I don't think he means to blame you... He's just incredibly upset. :/

I agree. That is a pretty hard direct shot at his manliness.

I still think it's a really awful thing to say. He has no reason to bring his wifes looks into the equation just because he's upset. I would be really hurt by a comment like that... :(

A few too many nuts shots for that guy as child.. Have you told him the try an energy drink for his problem?? "It gives you wings" I was told!!

MerrikBarbarian 9

Sodas, which include energy drinks can actually cause a lower sperm count and reduce their mobility. Op's husband needs to lay off the drinks

kurk626 11

#40 I don't know if you're being serious or trying to go for something similar to the anti-joke chicken.

rg350dx 29

If he seriously thinks that, his sperm isn't the only thing a little slow...

DKjazz 20

People on this site tend to tell stupid people not to reproduce. Your husband saves us the trouble!

And if he's going to blame his non-functional penis on a woman, that's when you walk away.

Poetaster 10

A caustic reply stating that he's impotent might set him straight, and if not then tell him that he has a small penis

Right, because emasculating your husband is always better than, oh I don't know, TALKING TO HIM. Idiot.

And infertility doesn't mean the same as impotence. He can probably get it up, the swimmers are just slow off the block.

#35, what's he doing to his wife by insulting her then? Certainly no less. He's a dick, if you'll excuse the connection. Could be not being able to breed is actually a blessing in this case. One less douchebag is certainly not a bad thing

Impotence is ENTIRELY different than not being able to get it off. Trust me, I know... Although I somewhat understand his frustration. Not phrased the best, but it can still be embarassing...

90, I think 35's comment was about 10's comment (too many numbers) about saying he has a small penis. I don't think he was defending OP's husband, just telling 10 what an idiot they are.

That's so disrespectful and stupid. Insulting you because of his medical issue. Looks like you married a childish moron...

He probably didn't mean it, he was probably just upset -.- so he isn't really childish in my opinion, he's just hurt.

Being hurt doesn't excuse being that spiteful.

85 and 88 hit in right on the head. If you have something shitty happen to you in life, you can't just blame the first person you see. People think some bad news is the perfect excuse to take their anger out, usually, on the person they care most about. That's wrong on so many levels.