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By Anonymous - 23/10/2010 08:17 - United States

Today, I watched a grizzled old gas station attendant, with a stain on her blouse, use my driver's license to pick something out of her teeth. FML
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After she gives it back to you, stick it down your pants and scratch your ass with it. Then just walk away. . .

be happy it was her teeth she fiddled with.


O_O wow...

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she probably only had 3 teeth, right?

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don't be mean, it's possible she may have had a booger wedged up there. we all know how annoying that is, right? it's just me?

oh god....

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Should've punched her.

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lmao @ 23

that's adorable

thats hot...

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How is the stain on her blouse relevant?

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Bow chica wow wow!!

be happy it was her teeth she fiddled with.

Today I got something out of my teeth with their credit card. they were posed. FML

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Save it for later lol.

your pic scares me

you can clean it or whatever, i don't see how this is an fml...

its just gross

that is gross... why didnt you say anything?

Agreed, but why would you give her your license anyway? Or is that an american thing?

"Pardon me, would you mind not using my driver's license to pick your teeth?"


lucky it wasn't her butt

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true that!!!!!!!!!!!!

awww thats sweettt

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You provide a very good description of her. Are you sure you don't want to have driver's license sex with her?

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This is how **** movies start. Assuming she turned to you and said "Hello there..."