Time flies

By Anonymous - 06/07/2022 22:00

Today, my husband asked if we could have more sex, because we spend every day together, but if he wanted celibacy, he’d have stayed single and spent time with his friends. He then pulled out a diary proving we’ve only had sex twice this year. I was completely unaware it was so infrequent. Whoops. FML
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wrenavery90 12

How could you be unaware?

He'd prefer "in frequently" over "infrequently?"


He'd prefer "in frequently" over "infrequently?"

That's pretty good.

*Badum-tss* Well done, sir.

Single in 3…2…1

wrenavery90 12

How could you be unaware?

"I was completely unaware it was so infrequent. Whoops." Indeed. HOW? My last relationship, we weren't having sex every night, but we sure could remember the last five times we had sex (at least) in the last month. If it's THAT forgettable, it couldn't be that good...

wysegirl 24

That's easy, life takes over. I've been there until my hubs confronted me. Between working a full time job. going to college and raising kids, oh let's not forget taking care of the household sex isn't a priority.. lol

how would you not know you have only had six twice in a year? do you really not care that much? I'm very confused.

Have were you not aware? Like if you had sex only twice this year you should remember, otherwise maybe he had sex twice and you had sex with someone else regularly and you just forgot to have it with your husband. I'm surprised he brought it up after so long, I would have moved on, especially considering Whoops response. Do you sleep together, and natural urges don't occur?

Sonotsuave 34

Yeah this doesn’t make any sense to me. My friend was that way with her bf, they only had sex 6 times in 2 years. They broke up. I’m not married but I’ve been with my partner two years & the frequency’s like once a week, and that’s because we don’t live together and I have a full schedule of school & work or else it’d probably be more. And neither of us value sex as the most important thing in a relationship but still important in its own right. That’s abnormal and pretty inconsiderate / tuned out of his needs. Y’all need some heavy talking, marriage counseling, maybe to go separate ways then…something

You know the situation is bad when your spouse whips out an Excel spreadsheet to show you how bad the situation is.