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Today, I realized the only reason I watched the SuperBowl is because Justin Bieber tweeted about it. I don't even like football. I had no idea what was going on the whole game. All I knew was who I was cheering for, because Justin Bieber tweeted who he was cheering for. FML
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You are what is wrong with our culture these days. Grow a brain, and form your OWN opinions. Justin Beiber doesn't like football either. He likes glitter and Usher.


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I think I know this girl r u Vickey lol that sucks. mobi yyxbdhdueyegrhhruhs. f g. s f g. d j gf. f f t r g f. rf. h e r j t. t g e r t e. r g g stupid spam protection Selene efyu uy u y y

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Justin beiber is a flaming homosexual u r too for doing what u did

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This. ^^^ #1 took the words from my..ah...fingers. haha.

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I hate you op. almost as much as Justin Bieber for ruining the super bowl asswipe

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wow!! what an idiotic thing to do!! haha(:

You're pathetic! I bet OP is a teenage girl between 10 - 14. Am I right?

I thought he was a girl when I first heard him and he's a fag

if only Micheal Jackson was around to take care of Justin beiber

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who is Justin beiber and do I even want to know lol go saints colts suck cocks

OP you're a ******* douchebag who is obsessed with a ******* tween. get a life you pathetic motherfucking pedophile.

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What is up with all the gay bashing on this thread?

I'd rather an onion ring told me what to do :).

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OP has this FML under love. What the **** OP? You "Love" Bieber?

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Wow get a life. What's with all this hating on one guy?!

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Nothing wrong with watching a something you have absolutely no interest in because a pig nosed little boy tells you to? Yea... there's nothing wrong with that at all...

He is not pig nosed. your just jealous because your a pig :)

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It's called Google. ;l. use it.

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#94 You're an idiot. See I can make that assumption based on the completely ignorant thing you just said. You, however, cannot make an assumption about my appearance based on what I said. Stop being a ******* tool. Take your Bieber love to a fansite. w w PIG BOY!

#94 you Justin fans always say " you're jealous. " extend your vocabulary and say something else

you are also another useless person. congrats on being one big fail of a person

Maybe you have a little obsesstion with Justin Bieber??

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yeah it leaves more girls for us guys. since gays started going gay I have bin getting double the one night stands

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you suck! justin beiber is a gay little bitch

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If you have to ask, you either are one, or are about to have an epiphany.

Who is Justin Bieber and what's this about his Superbowl thingie?

hes a 12 old year old who u can find on disney channel

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that's pathetic, that's how posers are made

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60 made me lol extra hard cause, get it, Monty Python reference, like his name...? Swallow...? Anybody? No? Maybe I'll just sit down.

You are what is wrong with our culture these days. Grow a brain, and form your OWN opinions. Justin Beiber doesn't like football either. He likes glitter and Usher.

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yesss this is sooo correct. Justin beiber is a little 12 year old fag who thinks he's the shit because he can lip sync

He's actually 15 wich just makes it sooHO much worse.

I can't believe that kid is 15. When the hell are his balls going to drop? Only then will his voice become more epically shitty than it already is and we can finally send him into obscurity.

bahaha 10 :). I also hate how he says 'shawty' and 'fo sho'

Took what I wanted to say. :/ Oh well. Glad somebody said it.

thank the heavens there's people like u out there.

I hate Justin Bieber so much. He's a 12 year old singing about love and he sounds like a prepubescent girl.

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So you hate him because he sounds like a girl? Ok, go on and hate half o the population then, idiot.