By loveeyou. - France
Today, I realized the only reason I watched the SuperBowl is because Justin Bieber tweeted about it. I don't even like football. I had no idea what was going on the whole game. All I knew was who I was cheering for, because Justin Bieber tweeted who he was cheering for. FML
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  killerviral  |  0

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By  jts2  |  3

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  Mirequetz  |  6

Nothing wrong with watching a something you have absolutely no interest in because a pig nosed little boy tells you to?

Yea... there's nothing wrong with that at all...

  Mirequetz  |  6

#94 You're an idiot. See I can make that assumption based on the completely ignorant thing you just said. You, however, cannot make an assumption about my appearance based on what I said.

Stop being a fucking tool. Take your Bieber love to a fansite.

w w


  avoidthegirl  |  6

I can't believe that kid is 15. When the hell are his balls going to drop? Only then will his voice become more epically shitty than it already is and we can finally send him into obscurity.