The road to hell is paved with good intentions

By Anonymous - 24/04/2022 04:00

Today, our dog died suddenly, so I paid for tests to find out why. Turns out she had zero blood sugar, like a diabetic who overdosed on insulin. I’m diabetic and I’m always telling my 6 year-old son it’s medicine to make daddy better. The dog was sick yesterday, and my son knows how I inject. Damn. FML
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You need to keep your needles, syringes and drugs out of the reach of children. Same rules for insulin and heroin.

Feel sorry for the kid, at some point he's going to realise what he did.


Uh, shit, dude. That sucks. I’m sorry you’re going through it.

Feel sorry for the kid, at some point he's going to realise what he did.

Dirtysalamander1 13

it's ok. either the kid will be strong or weak.

You need to keep your needles, syringes and drugs out of the reach of children. Same rules for insulin and heroin.

amd21905 7

I agree 100%. Who was watching this 6 year old who had access to needles and insulin AND the time to draw it up and inject the dog? This is not sad. It is horrific. Dog is dead and 6 year old could easily inject himself !!! Weing on so many levels!

wysegirl 24

it really doesn't take that long. it's sad how things happen and I agree the medication should have been out of reach. but things should have been explained better to the 6 yr old. that sounds like something a 3 yr old would be told

that just sucks on so many levels. at least your dog was loved. tough life lesson learned. my heart goes out to you

your 6 year old should not have access to any drugs or needles!

Exactly. That's a YDI from me.

Shitty accident but failure to control needles on your part. A 6 year old should have never been able to access them.

Dirtysalamander1 13

shouldn't have access. the problem was not about accessing. its about knowledge. what would happen if the dad needed the insulin and the son was there? use your brain.

rotflqtms_ 21

A 6 year old doesn't have the proper reasoning to decide if daddy needs insulin or glucose. Most adults don't either. It's not even just 1 step. If it is sliding scale insulin, all the insulin they're giving is based on the glucose reading. If the sugar falls within a certain range, they give one amount. Another range, another amount. A certain range, no insulin. Under a certain number, oh no, give sugar right away and call 911. Most 6 year olds are still learning numbers and adding and subtracting. Some are iffy on numbers and may forget what number is what. Reading is iffy at best. Remembering multi step instructions may be over their heads. If adults can mess up giving insulin, so will this 6 year old. You expect this child to know when to give insulin and when not to? A 6 year old child? You're setting this child up for a lifetime of guilt after he accidentally kills his dad. They dont even recommend diabetic children to give their own insulin unsupervised until they're teens AND the parent feels they have the proper judgement, but you think a 6 year old can? I don't think you know the capabilities of 6 year olds. I can't speak for all 6 year olds, just my 5 nephews when they reached 6 (my youngest nephew is currently 6) but I would never trust them to do anything like that. I have to break my instructions down for the 6 year old for general things and you want him responsible for giving someone insulin? He's still writing his 3's backwards and confuses his numbers... No thank you, I'll take my chances elsewhere. I'd rather teach him to dial 911 and have someone, anyone else. Any adult deal with it. Nope, no 6 year old is coming near me with insulin. I've seen trained professionals mess up giving insulin, and you think a 6 year old will do it right? What a thing to put on a 6 year old when he kills his daddy.

rotflqtms_ 21

The 6 year old should never have access to medicine. Insulin needs to be very properly measured and controlled. Just as your dog overdosed on it, your child could have too. Insulin is a VERY dangerous medication to have within easy access to children. This isn't a medication that is easy to use and understand for children. Depending on why you pass out, you may need insulin or you may need sugar. Imagine your child seeing you pass out due to hypoglycemia and thinking, oh no, daddy needs his insulin. Now you have EVEN LESS sugar. Best bet would be to teach him how to call 911 and maybe a family member who is nearby. This adult then decides if you need glucose or insulin based on your glucose reading. Heck, it doesn't take long for the glucometer to give a reading. My main point is that a 6 year old child who is probably still learning to count and add should not have access to your insulin. That is a very dangerous medication. I've seen nurses F up patients' lives with insulin and they're trained to handle it. And with insulin, they even mostly require a 2nd person to check when giving because of how deadly an overdose could be. No, I don't believe a 6 year old is mature enough to be able to responsibly give insulin with the right numbers and not play with it. He saw you use it and decided to give it to his dog. Children aren't even recommended to give themselves insulin unsupervised until they reach teenaged years and their parents feel they have the proper judgements to do so. I don't understand why people are saying you should teach your 6 year old how to give it to you. He killed his dog, he can kill you. Imagine the guilt. Adults mess that up. Do you really wanna put that on your 6 year old child?

bbybatkat 5

As someone that is diabetic, this is absolutely unacceptable. I’m sorry you lost your dog but your child should have never been able to access your needles. I have a three year old son and you bet your ass, my needles are no where he can get to them. That being said, you need to find a new and better spot and tell your child he is to never touch your medicine or needles again. Before he hurts himself. I hope this knowledge doesn’t really hurt him when he gets older and realizes what he did. Poor kid….

He is 6 years old. As the parent you can teach them so much more about insulin, as well as the difference between human medicine and pet medicine. he can understand and retain more than it sounds like you have previously taught him. please keep this as a learning lesson and not a time to berate him. he only knew what you told him and nothing more, we need to be way more specific and cautious how to word things next time. a moment you both can be closer instead of possibly make him feel terrible or start resentment feelings

lets teach him to always go to an adult in emergency, especially someone else if you are not able to administer yourself. if it is only you and him I would suggest seeing if some family can help support you guys better so that way if their happend to be an accidnet your 6 year old won't have to try and help you or wait for a costly ambulance ride