By Anonymous - 11/06/2013 02:04 - United States - Plano

Today, I arrived at my grandparents'. They already had guests so I had to sleep in the cottage. It wasn’t that bad until when I was making the bed I found a dead rotting possum in the blankets. When I told my grandmother, she simply said, "Deal with it, wimp." FML
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DyslexicPanda 12

So you were the one that put the possum there? Or were you apologizing to op for something else...?

I agree with grandma ask for some new sheets and take care of it don't be a whimp!!!!!

What did you expect OP? Grandma to clean it up for you while you take a little rest? I'm not saying dead animals in beds are ok, but when shit happens man up and deal, don't just expect Nan to get scrubbing...

dinosxxrawr 22

that's incredibly unsanitary. do deal with it, take it out to the trash with gloves on.

Nah, jut grab it with you teeth and go bury it in the garden like a dog OP. don't forget to shake it violently to make sure it's dead though, it could be playin possom

hey you can't blame the grandma. she probably grew up in the harder times where you were pretty much on your own.

Tell her to go sleep there and 'deal with it'.

You suck if you were in my family it would not be pretty talking to your grandma like that your rude and immature if you would talk your grandma like that!!!!!! >: |

When I say that I don't say it in a rude way. I live with my nan and pop and I'm defiantly not rude to them. I say it as a joke not in a rude way, they would also take it as a joke and not be offended.

I love how 24 wants to call people immature and blows up in the process.

24- you can't even use the proper "you're." Calm down.

why would you want to say stupid things like that. be respectful toward older people, i assume you are still a child, if not don't act like one!

They sound pretty rude - and that is foul - finding that in their bed.

They weren't very respectful to OP. Agreed it probably isn't the most helpful thing to say - but they have a guest - they should have got rid of that possum.

Hopefully it IS dead, not just playing possum.

Dear God- if those damn opossums can fake decomposition, too, I don't see how I'll ever go to sleep again.

it was playing hide and seek. No one found it :(

you'd think you would have instantly smelt that

beyondneptune 9

s/he probably did, looked around, and found it in the sheets

kim_larsa 5

Put it in her bed and insist on her "dealing with it"

It could be worse. She could have ended with: "And by the way...that's dinner".