By Anonymous - United States - Plano
Today, I arrived at my grandparents'. They already had guests so I had to sleep in the cottage. It wasn’t that bad until when I was making the bed I found a dead rotting possum in the blankets. When I told my grandmother, she simply said, "Deal with it, wimp." FML
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  feelingold  |  18

What did you expect OP? Grandma to clean it up for you while you take a little rest? I'm not saying dead animals in beds are ok, but when shit happens man up and deal, don't just expect Nan to get scrubbing...

  Joe9024  |  20

Nah, jut grab it with you teeth and go bury it in the garden like a dog OP. don't forget to shake it violently to make sure it's dead though, it could be playin possom

  RedWingSD  |  6

You suck if you were in my family it would not be pretty talking to your grandma like that your rude and immature if you would talk your grandma like that!!!!!! >: |

  Rozza17  |  29

When I say that I don't say it in a rude way. I live with my nan and pop and I'm defiantly not rude to them. I say it as a joke not in a rude way, they would also take it as a joke and not be offended.