By lol123 - Norway

Method acting

Today, it was the premiere of a huge play I've worked on for months. The latest week we've practised a lot, resulting in little sleep. In one of the scenes I'm just lying there pretending to be asleep. Guess who actually fell asleep? FML
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I fail to see how that's ironic. I hate when people don't understand the concept of irony. Men det er synd for det OP. Folka fikk en god led i fertfal(sp? lenge siden jeg har bod i norge).

  Maddoctor  |  10

Definition of irony: Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs.

She didn't expect to fall asleep, and yet she actually did.

It's ironic, deal with it.

  pigscantswim  |  0

mmm i think the way #16 says it counts as ironic, but her not expecting to sleep doesn't make it ironic... If i don't expect my friend to come over suddenly and he does, that's not ironic. that's just a surprise,

  Nomad609  |  0

I didnt find it funny =[ I hate it when the OP let's the people guess who? I mean who fell asleep? the janitor? the ant in Malaysia? or the lights person who got your play ruined? I know its you but just effin say it.

  grungecat  |  0

The OP did use the correct usage of the word. Practice is a noun, practise is a verb. That's in every country, wherever English is used. Including the unfortunate country that has to put up with you.

  fyourlife33  |  0

anyone else having the urge to inform me of how lesser countries use the word "practice" can save it and inform #66 and #63... and the "unfortunate" country is the U.S. where we don't use the practise version

  Kyu_fml  |  0

#55 is correct. Most people don't realise that words like "advice" and "practice" are nouns, but "advise" and "practise" are verbs.

  regalarius  |  0

#55 - Glad to see cultural centricism isn't restricted to America. The English-speaking country that I'm from does not, in fact, use the spelling "practise" for anything at all. It comes up as an error in my spell-checker in fact.