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By lol123 - 10/07/2009 10:09 - Norway

Today, it was the premiere of a huge play I've worked on for months. The latest week we've practised a lot, resulting in little sleep. In one of the scenes I'm just lying there pretending to be asleep. Guess who actually fell asleep? FML
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Maddoctor 10

And that's what you call irony.

and the audience were astounished with the great actress on the stage!


Maddoctor 10

And that's what you call irony.

randomdude1234 0

I fail to see how that's ironic. I hate when people don't understand the concept of irony. Men det er synd for det OP. Folka fikk en god led i fertfal(sp? lenge siden jeg har bod i norge).

it's ironic because she failed as a result of her efforts not to fail

hahaa does that mean that u screw up the play??

Seti_fml 0

its actually not a case of irony, its simply coincidental.

I agree! We had a whole lesson on irony vs coincidence in my English class haha.

Maddoctor 10

Definition of irony: Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs. She didn't expect to fall asleep, and yet she actually did. It's ironic, deal with it.

Maddoctor 10

And how in the world did #85's comment get buried?

mmm i think the way #16 says it counts as ironic, but her not expecting to sleep doesn't make it ironic... If i don't expect my friend to come over suddenly and he does, that's not ironic. that's just a surprise,

augustdanielle 0

Haha, seriously. That's funny. [x

Nomad609 0

I didnt find it funny =[ I hate it when the OP let's the people guess who? I mean who fell asleep? the janitor? the ant in Malaysia? or the lights person who got your play ruined? I know its you but just effin say it.

Way to kill the suspense. I really thought it was going to be the ant in Malaysia that fell asleep.

fyourlife33 0

stupid fml and nice spelling on practice by the way

Shut up, you think your smart because you can spell a word, no one cares she typoed 1 letter.

Actually, it says that OP is from Norway, which is in Europe. In Europe, "practice" is spelled with an "s".

#3 : He is norwegian Men sykt kjipt det der azz :S

what an idiot no.3 and wow.. that must Suck big time. FYL hard

fyourlife33 0

damn i should have written first in my comment so a few more people would feel the need to reply

hundremeterhekk 0

jeg liker salami på brødskiven

#3 Get the hell off of your high horse. Nice capitalization by the way, tool.

grungecat 0

The OP did use the correct usage of the word. Practice is a noun, practise is a verb. That's in every country, wherever English is used. Including the unfortunate country that has to put up with you.

fyourlife33 0

anyone else having the urge to inform me of how lesser countries use the word "practice" can save it and inform #66 and #63... and the "unfortunate" country is the U.S. where we don't use the practise version

fyourlife33 0

martyrio you are 15 and have a pretty good 0 for 7 record with fml posts

Nomad609 0

its an FML because she fell asleep during on a play she worked hard on.

#55 is correct. Most people don't realise that words like "advice" and "practice" are nouns, but "advise" and "practise" are verbs.

#55 - Glad to see cultural centricism isn't restricted to America. The English-speaking country that I'm from does not, in fact, use the spelling "practise" for anything at all. It comes up as an error in my spell-checker in fact.

I knew advise but not practise I don't think we use that

ElectroBunneh 0

Fail? Why did you say first? Lol. You are 6th. Fail on your half.

rayrayy_fml 0

Oh wow I almost put something about boners then at the last second I saw the OP was a woman 0.0

renyark209 0

Lol that sounds like something out of a sitcom haha.

fyourlife33 0

actually the epic fail here KumoFF7 is you thinking you were first

Maddoctor 10

Haha yeah, because we all know I was. lol =)