By GirlyClaire - Japan - Tokyo
Today, after spending months comparing the previous weather forecasts to work out the exact date, and after travelling 12000 km by plane to see the cherry blossoms in bloom in Japan, I learned that this year, they bloomed 10 days earlier than expected. And to top it off, it turns out I’m allergic. FML
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By  peterburk  |  5

I flew to Japan when the cherry blossoms were in bloom, met my crush of 7 years, and finally confessed my undying love to her. She said "thank you", but not "yes".

At least I went to PunkSpring rock festival and let out my emotions in the mosh pit with Monoeyes and Simple Plan. And I got to visit some friends and go electronics shopping. There were a lot of appropriate songs (Uncanny - Anberlin, Little Wanderer - Death Cab for Cutie, etc). Overall, the adventure was worth it, and now the burden of saying nothing is off my chest.