If the shoe fits…

By Bruce - 17/08/2010 17:09 - United States

Today, I discovered a bat in my new apartment. I found him in my shoe… with my foot. FML
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Lets all hope that bat was edward cullen.....the gay sparkly vampire

28 it was really a sparkly depressed 100 year old teenager? in that case I hope it's dead too


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a bat with a foot fetish. what has this world come to

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i moderated this.... i said no... anyways, HOW DOES THAT GET IN UR SHOE?!?!

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of course he killed it, he stepped on it! #19

Step 1: Steal Underpants Step 2: ???? Step 3: PROFIT!!!

It was really a vampire I hope you killed it.

28 it was really a sparkly depressed 100 year old teenager? in that case I hope it's dead too

The OPs username is Bruce. I really hope it actually is his name. It goes with Bruce Wayne :D

Erm, no. He didn't necessarily kill it. If he stuck his foot in the shoe and it was at the toe part, his toes would've bumped into it. Unless he slams his foot into his shoe regularly, he would've felt it before putting much pressure on it.

if that happened to me I'd scream throw the shoe at the wall, start stabbing it through the shoe, grab a lighter and light it on fire, stomp on it after awhile so the fire is out, and make sure it's dead. >:D

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I hope it didn't bite you. you might turn into a vampire...or get a deadly disease.

YDI for having feet and wearing shoes.

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lol may be bat will bite him and he will turn into a batman

Bats are so cute. But that sucks that he was in your shoe.

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You may have killed Edward Cullens. I think I love you. =D

Haha lol Fyl OP damn bats and their foot fetishes

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Err. Cullen*? Anyways whos excited for the new Vampires Sucks movie!?

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How'd you lose your foot in the first place?

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I really hope you weren't bitten by it :/ Rabies shots suck. A lot.

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xD nice! hahaha the bat wu be like no toe come back! I loveded u Toey I loveded youuuuuu!


what u don't check ur shoes for bats before u put them on?

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OP just got foot raped! why are you guys being so insensitive?

Intoxi, did you change your hair. It looks different since the last pic I saw. I like it.

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Hey I live in Iowa too! Where in Iowa are you at OP?

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haha 172 is trying to get a man :p

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hi 162 jus lettin ya know nobody cares about your tiny boobs or ass, how bout u take a reg pic like a normal person. ohhh, and without puffung ur lips you look like a damn fish haha

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bhsjs - Bananas have secret jumping sandals.

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bhshs -- bats having sex holy sheet almost tho

either you or 119 win thats a close one lol

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Well now you are millions of dollars and horrific person family tradgedy away from being a superhero

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You must have a big foot to fit a whole Louisville Slugger in your shoe! You must also be a foreigner to assign a gender to an inanimate object like a baseball bat. We English speakers would call it an "it."

You didn't notice before you put you foot in it?! Lmao still FYL. ;D

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