By mark - United Kingdom
Today, I took my girlfriend out to a nice restaurant for our anniversary. Mid-way through the meal, a guy at the table across left for the restroom. My girlfriend reached over and swiped the guy's wallet from the table. My gonads went AWOL, and I couldn't even bring myself to call her out on it. FML
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  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

No worries, the man to clarify is here.
So, this one day, a girfriend was taken by his anniversary to a wonderful restroom. When the dinner left the table to get an AWOL, the the restaurant across the wallet swiped OP's gonads, and the boyfriend got to eat his taco after all.
I hope that answers anyones questions.


I wonder what that poor guy did, I mean you were at a nice restaurant and I assume he had already ordered and eaten or was in the process of eating. Then he finds out he can't pay for the meal because some bitch and her boyfriend stole his wallet.


Im going out on a limb here, but im guessing that he worked hard for his money and u should be a good person and make ur girlfriend return it, and of u ever breakup I suggest u horde all valuable things, just in case:-P !


So anybody wanna tell me why I can't un-hide my profile no matter how many times I smash my computer with my metal baseball bat? I mean, I've tried welding it, cussing it out and even singing Justina Bieber songs to it, but it's just not working. I know that many of you probably don't know the answer so I'm hoping a mod will give me a link to that page/site that I absolutely cannot remember the name of.

  smiles2334  |  0

Def Awk! (definately awkward)

  MrsPegg  |  45

poor Bunny! Goggle is amazing for such questions, but because I'm feeling nice... Gonads= a term to describe courage/guts/balls, etc. AWOL= away without leave.

  downtime  |  12

5, They deserve more than just our mockery. This idiot is pathetic, and I can't imagine a situation where anyone would vote FYL. The least this moron could do is take the time to get his head out of his ass, use the ID in the wallet to contact the guy and return it to him - with the money still inside. This would of course be following a really long argument with your girlfriend on how much of a colossal twat she is, and threatening to call the police if she doesn't let you return it, before walking out on her pathetic ass and never looking back.
The fact that you used the words "my girlfriend" in this FML tells me you really are the worlds biggest sucker.

By  MrsPegg  |  45

Blame it on the planetary alignment? ...or on the alcohol?....Nah, that was shitty of her no matter the reason. But YDI for not saying something, anything. Bad OP, very bad!!!