By violentdreamer - 17/8/2020 18:15

I have to do is dream

Today, when sleeping next to my girlfriend, I had a nightmare that she was yelling incessantly at me, making my "dream self" more and more upset. Just as my dream-frustration peaked and I began waking up from the nightmare, I accidentally hit her in the arm and face. Now she won't talk to me. FML
snappleb7 tells us more :
This is OP - I made an account just to clarify that I do not have REM behavior disorder, thanks.
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By  Deanna Koenig  |  3

that's called REM behavior disorder and it's insanely dangerous and you might kill hey next time. most people don't have any clue they have it until someone is dead stop get help immediately

  Marcella1016  |  31

Thanks for following up! I was wondering if you were hitting her in the dream and that’s how you ended up hitting her twice in your sleep? I imagine that’s why she was upset - she interpreted it that if you would hit her in a dream, you would hit her in real life.

Sucks, though, that she stopped talking to you for something you did in your sleep. Did you guys make up? Hope it worked out for you, OP.