By Familyvisits - 31/8/2021 08:01 - Canada - Cambridge

NParents represent!

Today, my parents have been whining about me spending a weekend there, so I did. I have severe IBS and sent them the list of foods I can eat 2 weeks ago when I told them I was coming. They had no food in the house that I could eat without getting sick, and got offended when I didn’t eat or tried to buy my own food. FML
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  Autumnsbeing  |  9

What a stupid comment... People can get intolerances any time in life. I have IBS and I'm fructan, mannitol and fructose intolerance. I was raised on those foods. They're the reason my IBS was so bad.

  Dylan Borg  |  11

Stupid comment. My IBS started at around 18 and got bad at around 24. In most countries, people move out at those ages due to college or affordable housing prices. My dad, which I stopped talking to when I was 20, doesn't even know I have IBS or any of the side effects. And my mother (who has same condition) still does not understand what my personal requirements are because my body reacts differently then hers and I am still learning my own diet.