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Today, I went on my first date in over 4 years with a smoking hot guy. The big event was a trip to Target. I work at Target. He took me to my workplace for our date. And they say romance is dead. FML
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OP here. To clarify for the haters, I do know what a date is supposed to be, I'm not an idiot. We had been planning to meet up for weeks. The date was lame, hence why I posted to FML. But it was definitely intended as a real date, accompanied by dinner and shopping a few other stores. No errands were ran, No groceries or Tp was purchased. I visited a few coworkers & he picked up a few electronics items. and no I didn't buy it or use my employee discount. It was my day off & he knew it was my workplace.

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I guess the bright side is that he took you out! Maybe date number two will be more inventive!!

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That's not a date that's someone running errands!

Maybe he was picking up condoms and liquor. Look at the bright side, people!

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If he wants to be more inventive I'm sure he'll take her to Walmart next time.

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Yeah, maybe next time he'll take her to a laundry mat

Bullseye! He shot Cupid's arrow straight to your heart.

And all your coworkers got to see you with a smoking hot guy!

That's what I was going to say. He knew you work there and he wants all the male employees to know "he won".

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Do much fun going to work for a date that sucks OP hopefully if there's a second date he picks a better place

Warning! He's using you for your employee's discount! Edit: Ugh! One minute too late with my comment!

I'm pretty positive it wasn't a date, he just didn't want to shopping alone and have to pay full price

Dang. First dates should require some thought or effort. Not, Watch me buy groceries, and then let's go make out.

There is a coffee place in the Target that I live near. Maybe they went to something like that instead of just shopping?

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why not just go to a coffee shop then lol

#8 Sometimes it's fun to mess around in Target. Maybe it depends on your date? I agree it is a shitty date place but me and my friends always have a blast in Target. Maybe the guy has fun there too and thought it would be fun?

#8: Here in Canadia, where Target recently announced that its time here has been a huge failure and that it will file for bankruptcy, going to Target is an opportunity to loot and pillage like a Viking as they liquidate stock at clearance prices. Is Target that much fun in other the United States?

... what's "other the United States"? Do you consider yourselves a state? And **** yes our Targets are fun as all hell. Pretty sure Target sells 12-packs of 'Murica-sized Fun at 50% off.

Maybe he tried to do it like Employee of the Month?

#61: Don't flatter yourself, "other" was just an extra word that you can safely ignore. That said, if any Americans would like to petition to become a new Canadian province, we will consider it.

Canada is America's hat. ...I have nothing to add to that.

It's OK, let people get offended on a joke website with people talking about 'Murica-sized Fun 12-packs ;)

I wouldn't consider going to Target a first-date activity, though. It might be a stop on said date if the guy (or gal) needs to pick something up. But you don't ask someone out on a date and take them to Target.

He sure knows how to charm the ladies. I'm sorry that happened OP :/

I don't know, a 15% discount. That seems like a really hot date to me.

Plus a tour of the store to help him find what he needs? Now that's excellent customer service.

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Team member discount is only 10%, unless you use the red-card with it (which ANYONE can get) which then gets you another 5%. But to add to that, you can't even use your team member unless you pay with a target card or cash. No other debt or credit cards allowed. It's stupid.